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I hope any and all Veterans on here have a wonderful day.  My dad served in WW II in the United States Coast Guard.  Who do you know that's a veteran?

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my pop  USNavy WW2

I'm the widow of a veteran who served during the Occupation of Germany from 1947 to 50. My brother is a Navy veteran who served in Viet Nam 1965 to 67.

My father served in the Navy in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam.

Quite a few. For one, my son-in-law was a sergeant in the marines and served in Iraq.

Though technically not a veteran, my grandmother was a marine weapons analyst for the navy and marines from WW-II to Korea to Viet Nam. She was in combat zones in each of these wars. Including the European theater, the Pacific and during the Tet Offensive in Nam. She was quite a lady and I can proudly say that my grandmother wore Army Boots!




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