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I know many of us have gotten to know people online.  Some we get closer with than others.  How many of you have met some of  your online friends in person or taken communication to your regular email or phone calls?  Have you ever met up with your online friends?  I know it can be hard with us all living far apart, but I'm curious.

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Tim, you have that one right!  Ringleader is more my style.  I have four sons that are the same way too. 

yep,that's you Helen,the Ringleader.

Phil, I am outgoing all the time.  I was always in the middle of the fun even as a kid.  As I grew up I just became more so.  I do like my quiet times, but shy isn't me.  I spent most of my career in real estate sales and building that business.  I don't think anyone that's shy could do it.   I'm laid back, but not shy. 

Laid back is wonderful.  Makes life so much nicer for everyone.  All my friends are the same way.  My ex that I was married to for 30 years was the only one I've ever been around that wasn't laid back and pleasant.  Fortunately, my four sons take after me. 




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