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I'm sitting here on New Years eve and wondering if I'm the only one who doesn't do anything on New Years eve.  I used to celebrate with my kids when they were kids.  They'd beg me to stay up until midnight and I'd give in.  I'd get Pigs in a blanket and egg rolls and other frozen treats and I'd sit up and they'd be asleep on the floor and I'd have to wake them up just before midnight.  Then they grew up.  For years they'd call me at midnight.  Then they figured out the odds were good they'd wake me up.  What good memories do you have of New Years Eve?  Do you still do anything?  I just turned on Ryan Seacrest. 

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Two NYE memories stand out.....both in Milwaukee, when I was a very young woman. One was an evening at the Hotel Pfister, and I wore a gold satin after five dress and golden shoes. We had a lavish dinner, danced a little, and were entertained by a comedian. The other one was a premiere of "My Fair Lady", followed by a lobster dinner On the 23rd floor of an office bldg on the lakefront. We had a marvelous meal, as well as a beautiful view of the Christmas lights below.
I haven't gone out in years. I used to celebrate with my kids when they were home. This year I spent it quietly with my younger daughter and her family. We made pizza and watched the New Year come in on Chicago tv. We toasted with a glass of wine, watched some music videos, and went to bed.

I usually have a couple of my kids over with their families.I can never get them all together any more.I ask a couple of my friends and it is usually  fun. We snack,play games and gab till the Ball comes down. Only I heard this morning a couple of my kids have the flu today.I am praying we don't get it over here.I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and   Happy New Years Eve,I hope 2013 will be good to us all.




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