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Technically Spring started last Thursday afternoon, but we have a prediction for snow over Tuesday night. So is it time to ready the gardens and house for Spring? I personally am not too enthused about cleaning the garden and setting up the temporary fence so that when my bulbs do bloom, passersby don't pick them. I've also done away with the tradition of Spring cleaning. Okay I do wash and store winter blankets, etc once I feel that winter is over but each year it seems to happen long after Spring has arrived.   

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Spring begins with less snow and cold and ends with the budding of flowers. The old calendar, used to put the vernal equinox (March 20/21) as the pivotal center of spring, and not the beginning. Nature does not try to satisfy our need for instant gratification, but requires of us patience. Soon we will be loving the flowers, and then, complaining about heat and mosquitoes. Spring has sprung, the green blades will rise and the birds will sing.




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