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Are you making plans for the holidays yet?  We are just starting to and laughing about how we are going to keep my year old granddaughter away from the Christmas tree.  Looks like we are doing Thanksgiving here.  My son, the chef, has big plans.  Now if I can keep him from over seasoning things. 

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Plans are up in the air: older son has to work; younger son has a new job and we don't know if he'll have to work; sister usually comes with her daughter and grandchildren, but daughter got divorced and not clear who gets the kids for Thanksgiving.  However, it is my favorite holiday and I will cook up a storm, everything from scratch, and freeze what we don't eat.

I am having a small Thanksgiving/birthday dinner here the week before Thanksgiving.  My gentleman friend from Illinois is coming down to pick me up, and it's the only Thanksgiving he'll have, since he has a very crazy, dysfunctional family.  And it's going to be my son's 45th birthday on the 26th, and I won't be here for it.  Then I have Thanksgiving at my #3 granddaughter's first new house.  She's all excited about entertaining the family for the first time.  Then, I have a very beautiful concert at granddaughter #4's high school.  It's always a high point in my Holiday.  Then I guess I will stay for Christmas.  I was going to come home to VA for Christmas, but my son and his wife don't "do" Christmas, and it's really hard to be festive all by myself.  So I'll finish my shopping up there.  And, of course, I'll have to bake sugar cookies with the great grandkids.  They love to decorate them.  I'll be back here by New Year's Eve.  Not that I'll do anything.....but at my age, it's no big deal anyway.  I miss being able to put up my own tree, though.  I have a big box full of ornaments I love dearly, but I'm never here to put up a tree.  I have to settle for other peoples' trees.  It's just not the same.  It's hard to relinquish the traditions of my past.  Now I have to participate in someone else's traditions.  It's just not the same.  I still may come home early and buy a little tree from the corner lot and put it up all by myself.....just so I can sit by MY tree and sip a glass of wine.....maybe watch "White Christmas".  Yeah.....maybe I'll do just that.   

We are waiting for my DIL schedule to come  to know for sure how and where and when we will do the holiday.Last year she had to work all the holidays so we had t-day on Sat and did Christmas without her and took dinner up to her.

Eaglewoman what does your DIL do that she has to work?  One of my sons restaurant wanted to do a Thanksgiving Buffet, but he told them they waited too long and he wanted to spend it with his family.  That's good, because he's the one cooking.  I could cook, but It wouldn't be the same. 

My DIL is a nurse, holiday seldom falls on her day off. Every time we thinks she will get it off they get a new manager and they change the schedule, so for now we just wait and plan at the last minute. She does all the cooking when she is off.

Nurses do have it rough, but from someone who spent Thanksgiving 2011 in the hospital, they do so much for patients to try to cheer them up, when they are miserable being hospitalized on a holiday.  They do such wonderful work.  It's good that you guys work around her schedule. 

Helen, I spent Thanksgiving, 2011, in the hospital, too!  I had a kidney shut down temporarily.  It sucked eating Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital.  My son waited to do the turkey we had until Saturday, so I could be there. 

Yes its part of the job and we knew that it came with the job. We don't have any small kids so we can make the holiday any day we want. I was in the hospital once on T-day too, they are pretty awesome. What really bothers me its that 2 stores so far hear have decided to open on Thanksgiving and stay open for 41 hours straight. I see nothing about that job that should keep people separated from their family's.

I agree with you 100% Eaglewoman.  It's one thing for first responders and law enforcement and medical folks to work on the holiday, because it's necessary, but those stores being open make me sick.  I don't shop much, but I'll tell you that I won't shop at all at any of them.  I agree with your thinking, that you can have the holiday when she can make it.  That's nice. 

My daughter-in-law is a manager of Target in Charlotte, NC.  She can't even have a Thanksgiving, because she works until noon, and then has to go in and start the whole Black Friday thing at 11:00 that night.  She has no time to cook or celebrate at all.  And she is so busy all the next month, she can't even enjoy any of the Holiday festivities or planning.  My son does all the Christmas cookie baking....and most of the gift-wrapping.  Being in retail at this time of year really sucks. 

My son and his S/O are both retail managers.  He works in a furniture store and she is in a Barnes and Noble.  On Thanksgiving they don't want to do much because they know what's coming.  On Christmas she's really wiped out.  They take part in the holidays, but not like they would like to.  They are both fortunate that their stores don't open on the holiday. 




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