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I got 87% 13/15  Let's see how well you can do!

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Great job! Looks like you know a lot about what makes your head hurt.

I got 13/15. Until this past June (maybe MAY?), I had a headache that lasted nearly 10 years. It was HORRIBLE for about the first month or 2 then it constantly changed in intensity but was mostly manageable without meds (Excedrin...ONLY thing that works) Long story, short....In 2004, When I got THE HEADACHE (like an EXPLOSION went off in my brain), it was about 3 months later when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. (I unknowingly had it for about 12-15 years at that point) After beginning treatment, they were INSTANTLY less intense and painful but it became evident I would have them forever. I tried EVERYTHING and one or 2 things allowed me to ONLY have ONE headache every few days which I felt was a GIFT!!One thing was Chiropractor. I went to several over the years but only TWO ever helped me....just a little. The one I went to 4 times last Spring "CURED" them 100% up until about a week or 2 ago. I fault myself for that...I NEED to get back there. I spend the summer engaged on LOTS of water sports...LOL!

Glad you found the cause of the headaches.  That's a long time to always have a headache. 




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