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Good morning everyone.  What have you all been up to?  Any plans for today?  I'm up earlier than normal but I have some errands to run with a friend of mine.  Those road trips are always fun.I don't drive anymore, so she does.  I give her money for gas and we stop somewhere inexpensive for lunch.  Tell us what you have planned.  Happy Wednesday.  Sorry, couldn't find any photos of camels for Hump Day.  

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Well I've just finished cleaning the mess left a year ago by the roofers installing a new roof. Who knew that there'd be debris on the inside too! While I was up there I decided that since my son is dead 13 years, I can, without remorse, throw away the last mementos (this does not include family photos). When I finish online, I'll be taking stuff to the garbage and the garage and then heading for the bank to take care of business. My riding lesson was canceled for today which leaves me a bit down but with extra time on my hands to take care of outstanding business. I'd rather be riding though as it will be a fairly nice day. Oh, almost forgot, I need to look at new curtains too for the spare room. 

We had snow tues, but nice today. Am going to a lecture with a delightful lady I met at one of my book clubs (she is 88 and a real hoot) then we will go to lunch. Also have to go over and let my sons pups out for a bit, both he and his wife are working long hours today.




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