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Over the years many of us have had various pets.  Who was your favorite pet?  What made that pet special? 

I had a St Bernard and they don't come much bigger, but so gentle. 

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 We had many while the kids were growing up, and they each have their own very special dogs (my Grand-dogs!) now, but I believe they'd agree hands down that there will never be another dog like our Golden Retriever, Sam.    Sam was a rescue dog that was sickly and going to be put down when he came to us.  We loved him from the very second we met him and he lived a happy life with us for another 8 years before he passed.  He was the greatest dog a family could ever ask for and that's all I can say right now. 

good old Sam, with the kids when he was 14 years old

This is my current favorite. He will be 13 in March,Butterscotch (Scotchie) He owns this place and just lets me live here and pay the bills. He walks on a leash, likes dogs, but not other  cats.My favorite dog was a black lab, my son had gotten him(remember telling him don't expect me to love and take care of him. when he moved out of state left him for me, he was my protector and all. When I was sick, he would only go out once a day, so I didn't have to get out of bed and take him down stairs, he just laid on my bed with me. Loved to walk, didn't dare say the word unless you were going to do it. He always had to be first in the line when we walked.We had many pets thru the years when the kids were growing up. I now have 2 grandpups. puggles they are 7 months old and so cute.

Alfred is my best friend.

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What a beautiful cat! 

They're all special and if I had a big place I'd have a dog pack.  At least, in my dreams. :)

I had a beautiful huge German Shepard Dog. She was my constant companion from the time I was ten until I was 16.She

was very smart and loving too. Her name was Ladie. She would know when i was sad or glad and always knew how to make me feel better.She would bring her leash when she wanted to go out and find my shoes too.She slept at the foot of my bed.We were always together.It broke my heart when she got hit by a school bus.I will never forget her.My constant companion now is my cat Philip.He is quite an entertainer.




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