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How many of you do your Christmas shopping online?  Do you prefer it to going to the mall?  I'm aiming to either do it all online or just buy gift cards.  I'm only shopping for my grandchildren.  

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My oldest daughter, her mother-in-law, and I went shopping last Saturday......all day. We had fun. Stopped for lunch somewhere along the way. I finished everything but my oldest granddaughter, her husband, and the daughter I was with ( and I know what I'm getting her already). Now I just have to mail out two packages to TX and NC, and find those last two items, and finish wrapping. I already wrapped the great grandkids' stuff and piled it under my daughter's tree. Empty trees just look so....empty. I am mailing cards and packages tomorrow. Next job?.......Cookies!!

Told my sons exchanging gift cards was a waste of time, that all I wanted was the gift of their time.  Still need to shop for my sister's grandchildren, probably this weekend.  Low key Christmas at my house...

Ursula, I agree with you about the gift cards.  I just don't know what to get the grandsons.  One I don't see and always just send him gift cards.  That's a long story.  My oldest grandson is into video games and unless his father goes with me, I don't have any idea what to get him.  The third "grandson" is really the son of one of my son's girlfriends.  He's the same as my oldest grandson.  Only video games. 

Helen, gift cards serve a purpose and your situation is definitely it.  My sons were giving me gift cards to restaurants and wanted gift cards in return.  I told them we might us well just give each other the cash for all the thought that was in it...and did away with the whole gift thing. They will both be here on Christmas Day and I will prepare a special dinner for us, and we celebrate our family.

i'm not very good at shopping,but I try real hard.

Tim, most guys aren't terrific at shopping, but it's the thought that counts. 

The night before we went shopping we spent about 2 hrs online looking for items we wanted, so we would avoid chasing around from store to store. And much earlier....like in September....I pre-ordered some not yet released toys from the about-to-be-released Assasin's Creed game. I still have to order boots online for my daughter; they don't have them in the store.

I do shop in stores for the grandkids and my kids who live with me. For the rest it's usually on line shopping or just money.

I do mostly by catalog and do it all year long so don't have much to do now. I did buy 2 gifts on line this year, but seldom use the online. Bought a few gift cards (UPS driver-hoa manager and such)

I avoid online shopping as much as possible due to security anxiety but I still like shopping for gifts in stores if I know what the recipient likes. Unfortunately most of my gifts are now gift cards since most of my friends and family prefer to do their own purchasing.




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