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OMG, it's 23 degrees with 20 mph winds, with a wind chill factor of 9 degrees.  I can't even bare the thought of going outside.  I'm going to have to walk the dog.  That poor little 5 lb Chihuahua is going to blow over.  I can't let him stay outside, but a few seconds, he starts to shiver and tugs to come back in.  Anyone else have a dog that really hates the cold.  I used to have a St Bernard and he thought a blizzard was time to lay out on the deck.  He loved it.

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He looks like he's enjoying the snow.  Is that you with the dog? 

yea it's me,but it's my other dog.

Woke up this morning and 19 degrees in Baltimore City MD.  I wish there was something I could put on the walls inside my house to insulate.  However that is a very expensive if it could even be done proposition.  Even my basement walls I thought about buying something just to keep the cement walls warm..LOL    I know it is age making me feel this..Oh well.  My cat won't even sit in the window like he usually does..LOL 

Kathy, where do you live in Baltimore?  I've been just about all the neighborhoods over the years.  I retired two years ago and now just about never leave my immediate town.  It's funny how we change as we get older.  It did warm up to about 27 degrees here, which isn't too bad, because the wind has died down. 

Put him a little coat on and booties for his feet. It was real cold here last night about 19 :(

it's warming up,it's 33^

It's a frigid 53!! Guess I'll have to wear something other than shorts and sandals tomorrow!

Steve, are you guys getting snow and rain this week.  They're saying we could see snow, sleet and tons of rain.  95 is really going to be a joy the next two days.  Always is and any bad weather is really going to make a mess.

I hate everything winter, Steve.  At least you have Florida to look forward to shortly!




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