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Another poem I wrote years ago. It does not follow a syllable count or any other real rules of poems (again because I didnt know any) It is also not my normal subject matter or style.


Beautiful things
a butterflys wings
the sky an orange glow
Eyes so brown
a soothing sound
romantic feelings grow

A wonderful kiss
warm breezes bring bliss
the touch from someone so dear
A beat of their heart
never apart
wispering love in thier ear

Holding so close
the one you love most
sounds of the crashing atlantic
Stars in the sky
a girl and a guy
these are the things so romantic


I hope you enjoy it

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Very romantic poem. I liked that too. Keep writing Bob.

it certainly was  romantic

I liked the whispering in the ear

Thanks again. So far I am just reposting stuff from Think Be do so they all should have a familiar ring to them :-)

I think that is a good idea as there are new people here that did not see the first posting

I myself have dug out some of the things I  had written on Eons probably 4-5 years ago

I just found things I thought were lost forever...but I had written them on

a little thing called 750 Words    

they were in the archives back to 2008





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