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we need a work party to get our heads together and write some interesting stories and prose.

My rich uncle has hired a train and each of us gets our own bunk. we writers are the only ones on the train so we meet in the dining car and muse over what we are writing, be it our own creation or someone else's...how can you turn this down: free ride and food. Uncle has made sure we will have some interesting stops along the way for us to write about....have fun...ALL ABOARD......



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Train Adventure

When I was an impressionable four year old going on my first train trip I thought I was going on the adventure of my life. My big sister, Virginia was twenty and she was my travel companion and protector of me on this trip from Toledo, Ohio to Agosta, Ohio. Knowing what an energetic and precocious child I was she he gave me the window seat where I was told to sit still and look out the window. That did not last very long as I had never seen such a big window in my life. The windows in our rickety old wooden farmhouse were tall and thin not allowing a little wee one to see a lot of the outdoors. I was so excited and wanted to see everything I could out that long train window. We were traveling into farming country and seeing the animals thrilled me to no end. The silos, massive tall steel cylinders, cobalt blue in color, especially were beautiful. I tried so hard to sit still but it was pretty impossible for an energetic four year old. Often the things we passed just went by too fast for me to take it all in so I would jump up and down from my seat to the window trying to see everything. 
Soon my big sister laid the law down to me to sit still or she would take the window seat. That got me quiet for a while so she gave me a big white pillow hoping I'd stop constantly chattering and take a nap. I must have dozed off a few minutes then awakened to get myself into another jam. 

She had quietly gotten up for some reason unknown to me, perhaps to use the trains bathroom but she quickly came back when my howls were heard all over the train. Somehow I had gotten my little left arm caught between the train wall and the seat. In my four year old impressionable mind I thought I was trapped and would be stuck there forever. 
My big sister got the conductor and I immediately curtailed my banshee wailings. He was a very nice man with a gentle caring face and a giant smile. He wore a dark suit and a cap. The reason I shut up was because he had the darkest skin I had ever seen in my life. I got brown like a walnut in the summer from being out in the sun but to me this man looked as black as the coal in the bin attached to the garage where I sneaked in to play. Ma would scold me for getting dirty from playing in that coal bin but I did not care because to me that was a fun thing to do on a hot summer day as it was a cool place to hang out. When I saw this big person all black I wondered if his Ma would scold him from being in the coal bin. He gently got my arm out then laughing to himself he went down the aisle. My sister thanked him and hugged me. About five minutes later he came back with some potato chips and laughing told my sister it was for the little one. 

The next time I rode a train I was twelve years old and a big shot riding alone from Toledo, Ohio to Tucson, Arizona but that's another story.

....Julia A Knaake
PS I was not all sugar and spice like Ma wanted me to be///I was actually wearing shoes in this photo

Luvy  I went nuts over the 2 stained glass panels...

I make stained glass and I grabbed this easy  pattern...

the train is stopping here so I can get a better shot!


The video showed up for me as that is where

I  got the picture of the stained glass panels in the house

Craig ....I love trains too

I  fell in love with them at an early age




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