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Aha I'm giving you a writing prompt 

does not matter how long or  short

story or poem and we will all find out why

there were no gifts under your tree last year

Last year, Santa didn’t bring you what you wanted for Christmas

and you were left to assume it’s because you weren’t a good boy (or girl).

Start building a case for getting that gift you want this year

by making a list of your good deeds to date and

what else you plan to do before December 25th.

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Thank you for the response

Hedy I will drink coffee with you

and shine your tiara if you give 

me that little squirrel for a pet

I will teach him to only eat hazelnuts

Thank you for the response

Lynn this is a delightful letter to Santa

I do hope you get what you ask for

wouldn't it be wonderful to have peace

joy and happiness for all


I never got to sit on Santa's lap

you must be special

I have ... 

Darn Darn Darn

Even the guys get to sit on a lap!

What's wrong with me?

I'm not that heavy and I take showers

why don't I get to sit on Santa's lap???

This was my present last year .... 

LoveLife&Laughter you must have been a naughty boy to receive coal last year

Santa must have left that coal to keep you warm this winter....are you being good this year?

I'm trying.  Beth says I'm very trying :0)

I have a feeling Beth is correct

ask to get you to write a poem

Dearest Santa,
  As you know last Christmas I was tending to my ailing dog. I finally pulled her out of that stroke and she and I enjoyed a steak dinner for Christmas. For drinks she got water and I got two or three shots of Yukon Jack on the rocks and we had a good time munching and listening to tunes.
All I wanted last Christmas was for the house to be sold and for me to be safely on my way out of a bad situation but that was not the case, was it Santa? As fate would have it I got a few boulders of coal placed in my path to freedom...but what the hell, Santa, to obtain freedom you have to work for it even if you only have a shovel. I had high hopes so I kept digging my way out.
I certainly am not complaining to you because you gave me a good gift called  perseverance to stick to a goal no matter what the odds. I did do  that even tho it seemed every time I took a step forward I got pulled back two steps. Damn that but I be quite stubborn like my ancestors of long ago!
This Christmas I am safe,helping other people with their troubles and  saving money for that home I want sometime next year. You do not have to stop at my place this year unless you intend to leave me a bag of magic dust that once dusted on me every man wearing whiskers  will give me one big juicy smooch for Christmas! is that too much to ask for? 
Hummm, Santa Baby, I see you have a nice full beard...mmm just one smooch then you can go on your way with 
Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner  Blitzen  and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
                                                                                   love your friend for 70 years Julia Anna

Thanks Lynn,

Little Julia Anna has not given up as she will plod on with determination!


you are an honest man

loved your poem

OMG I love your story

I had a s/o or shall i say  

S/ L/ O/ B


that was  all that slobby

tossing clothes on the floor

he even expected coffee in bed

so the last time I gave him coffee in bed

i wiped and ground my feet into his dirty clothes on the floor

2 days later he picked them up

this is why I  am single today




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