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This was the very first poem I ever wrote. It was written when I was about 16 in Highschool. A teacher had each of us read a poem from the schools "writers club" I think it was called. After reading the one asigned to me I was asked by her what I thought the poem was saying. Me being a smarta** said something like "I write bad poems"? meaning I did not think the poem I read was any good. (I obviously did not have the appreciation for other peoples work back then and kinda wish I could read it again so I could appreciate it more at a mature level). Anyway she challenged me to write something better and added that I had to write it about a scarecrow. So in about 5 minutes I came up with this:


A scarecrow is lonely

for that is his job

to scare all the crows

so no corn could they rob                                                                    

He has no friends 

and no place to go

but he's doing his job 

for I see not a crow 


I know syllable count etc is off but back then I had no clue of any rules of poetry etc. I still really don't. Raven Delcor helped me out alot with suggestions on syllables, flow etc. He is not so fond of following or preaching "rules". Anyway I hope you enjoy it. people from think be do probably already saw it awhile ago.



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i like it

IMG_1434 scarecrow man




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