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This is another poem I wrote earlier this year in Think be do so some of you will recognize it. I think its one of my best poems:


Love is something
that seems to rule
every poets pen
each time I've tried
to evade love
it finds me once again

Is love the cure
for the sad heart
of the loneliest man?
or is it just
the cruelest joke
a heartless master plan?

It matters not
how deep your love
is for another soul
for in the end
when love is lost
it always takes a toll

So is it wise
to fall in love
and risk a major fall?
or stay away
from broken hearts
and never love at all?

Though I have tried
to avoid love
it is still what I crave
so in the end
I guess I'm stuck
as loves unwilling slave

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just compose that poem from your heart

that is the best and most honest way

Love makes the world go round

if only just for the moments

and hours spent together

even only if once if you leave

with a smile on your face

and palpitations in the heart

a memory will last a lifetime

all you have to do is close your eyes 

and remember...remember and smile

live with smiles then memories are smiles.

Thank You Julia.

Keith I had a lover tell me that almost 20 years ago

"every time I think of you I will have a smile on my face"

wonder what he's doing now...last time I spoke to him he was on wife number 6

ha ha that's why i do not want to get married again

Many of us are the slaves of love.

I would rather be the slave mistress

creating michief to my  slave of love

Ice man it is better to have loved and lost than to never loved at all

there are ups and downs for everyone but to brood is a loss itself

when life gives you a lemon just pop up and make a lemon drop or a pie

and put that smile back on your face and Live Laugh Love again

Luvy this is beautiful and I'm sure many are waiting for their loved one to be home for Christmas

Thank you to everyone that responded and/or contributed their own poem or story!




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