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If you died today and was giving a chance to comeback and live another life . Would You ?

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I am an old hand at the joint replacement thing; in 2002 I had the left knee done, in '06 I had the left hip done, in 2012 I had the right knee done....and now I will make it official: I am the Bionic Woman! :-). One thing I am pleased about....replacing a hip is much easier than replacing a knee. I didn't even have any therapy after the left hip was done. (or the left knee, for that matter!). I sure hope this is the end for a while; I have had about 25 years of joint pain, and it's getting old.

Good luck with your surgery Karin, just think you're almost on the way to pain free living. 

I hoped I would be able to run like the bionic man after my knees were replaced but the doctor told me not to try to run unless something was chasing me.
I firmly believe in not running anyway......unless I'm being chased by a very big guy wielding a tire iron. ;-)

if you're chased by the right guy, it could be like an oj footchase...real real slow....save that energy for later

by the way, a hip replacement is good for at least 10 years if you keep yourself in shape, perhaps far longer dependent upon which hip replacement they install and how much you use it.




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