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September 25th.  Was sitting at  a light during lunch at work and a guy hit me (never hit his breaks) going 45 -55 the police said. Was taken by ambulance to ER (that was NOT fun).  Had to have stitches in my face, have a concussion, bruised cervical in my neck, head injuries, and on and on. Will have plastic surgery in 3 months, (yes, I am vain) and  I hurt like hell.  The guy that hit me got 3 tickets, one was wreck less driving.  Life is sooo much fun....

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Sorry to hear that. Was the guy drinking or texting or some such thing? I hope you don't still hurt. As for the plastic surgery I would do it too if I thought it would help.
Take care of yourself.

I wondered where you were. I thought you just got sick of us.  This has been an...uh...interesting? year for you.  Hope you are back to normal ASAP.

My daughter tail-ended someone and caused major damage to her car and the other car. She was changing a CD. She got one ticket for careless driving.  The other woman sued, but the insurance took care of everything, except now the rate is sky high--I help her with car insurance, so I know from whence I speak.

I hope your drama stops soon and you get back to "normal."

Don't have the plastic surgery until I e-mail you sketches of what my ideal woman should look like. One of us should benefit from this ordeal!

Sure hate to hear that Dwalt . Life sure isn't fun some times . Hope you recover fully ..

About the bruised cervical in your neck...this won't prohibit certain activities, such as bobbing for apples, will it?  Fall is just brimming with festive activities...the possibilities are endless.

So very sorry, Dwalt! I am relieved it wasn't worse.....but nontheless, you will be laid up for a bit. I hope your recovery is swift and that the plastic surgery goes well.

So very sorry you have been going through all this.  I am glad it wasn't worse, and am glad you are on the mend.   I hope the Plastic Surgery goes well and you stop hurting soon.  Very glad to have you back among us. 

geez...you need to catch a break sometime...take care of yourself...veg out on couch...extra naps...take it easy.

hiya vickie .. good to see ya ..

sorry to hear this dwalt .. look on the bright side tho .. now you have time to do not much of anything .. hopefully you got a good lawyer .. retirement is right around the corner .. hope your back is doin ok .. the good news is you're gonna get better .. rest up and get well ..  

Thanks ya'll.  I am back at work part time. From what the policeman said he was texting. He was driving a Mercedes and has insurance so I am lucky there.  Would love to see the sketches uno but this has nothing to do with anything but my face...

Dwalt, this doesn't seem to be your lucky year. Sorry to hear you had to go thru this, lucky you to get plastic surgery out of it, will they do some uplifting while they're at it? Could be a bonus. 

I'll  know more in 3 weeks when I go back to the dr.




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