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Do you feel uneasy around law officials , like police , sheriff officers highway patrol wheather you did something or not ?

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My Cousins wife refuses to wear a seat belt . She keeps getting tickets . Pays and goes on till caught again .

About thirty years ago, my license plate sticker renewal notice came in the mail. I filled it out, mailed it in and a couple of days later my apartment building had a major plumbing/sewage issue, forcing it's evacuation and me getting a new apartment. I sent a change-of-address notice to the post office and forgot about it.

Weeks later, a sheriff-deputy followed me to my new apartment's parking lot and informed me that my sticker had expired. I showed him the renewal notice, minus the mailed-in section, the evacuation notice from the city and explained to him what had happened. The change-of-address machinery was even worse then than it is now, and I was just waiting for it to arrive so I could apply it to my plate. I was absolutely polite and calm, and I had a near spotless record with the cops - My only personal previous arrest was ten years earlier, when I'd been arrested along with five friends for trespassing on personal property - Which was six kids cruising on the main drag and failing to notice a "No Trespassing" sign that the property owner had put up in a dim corner of the parking lot earlier that same day, an arrest which was which was thrown out when it went before a judge two months later.

The deputy's reaction ? He arrested me, handcuffed me and threw me in the back of the squad car. And when I asked if this was really necessary for an expired license plate sticker, he threatened to kill me if I didn't shut up. He then "explained" that ever since a sheriff's deputy had been shot and killed about 15 years earlier during a routine traffic stop, that the sheriff's dept had been "authorized" to take all "necessary" personal safety measures when dealing with members of the public. Even though the cop killer had been captured, tried and convicted and was on death row, and nothing even vaguely similar had happened since, the cops' training had been re-written as this: As a cop, my ass's "safety" over-rides any civil rights that you, the non-cop, have - And if you don't like that, I can murder you for "threatening" me by reminding me that things aren't supposed to be that way.

So I spent that night in jail - I refused to allow anybody to come down and spend their money to bail me out, and I used my one phone call to alert my girlfriend so that she knew where I was and to spread the word should anybody be looking for me. I was released the next morning, walked home, and when THAT went before a judge a couple months later, I showed the judge what had happened, including a statement from the post office confirming my version of the application-related events, and the city-issued evac order. My arrest was "dismissed" and the fine was waived - But I was also informed that the whole thing had "never happened", and I would be wise to keep my mouth shut about it.

I could post another dozen or so bad meetings between me and the cops, if I had all night. Suffice to say that I have been a pretty good citizen, never committed a serious crime, I don't get in fights, I don't do drugs, never hurt anybody, I don't drive drunk - I've been my group's designated driver for about 45 years - And I have actually chipped in and helped in moment's of civil need, humping sandbags during a flooding event and I personally found and protected a lost eleven-year-old girl who had become separated from her camping group, and stayed with her in a bad situation until the other members of the search party heard my yelling and got to us. I've taken part in several other similar situations - I'm a Good Guy. But I'm big, had very long hair for quite a while, I'm not a rich man's son and I don't genuflect before cops - And THOSE are the only things that matter to a punk with a badge. I know that there are good cops out there - But as long as they close ranks behind the bad ones - The infamous "Blue Line" - I will NEVER trust or honor them as a whole. They haven't earned it, and from what I see, they're only getting worse.

One night i had a paper rout to deliver  . While i was a waiting for papers to be delivered . It was 2 am . I decided to change my oil in my Firebird . I got out crawled under car and removed drain plug . I had my oil laying on hood . I crawled back and got plug back in . Two cops pulled up wanting to know if i needed help . I said naw i was just putting oil in . Offered them a paper . They left , i got my papers and left town . The next night speedy dry was all over the parking lot of that Winndixie ..

When my boy was a young Marine, he was home on leave for Christmas.  He and his younger brother went to a western suburb of Chicago to shop at a mall there.  They were in their friend's car, and there was a fourth guy my boys didn't know.  On the way home, Ed's car was acting up, so he pulled into a gas station parking lot in New Lenox, IL, to take a look at it and try to find the problem. None of the boys knew much about fixing cars, and they sat in the parking lot for some time trying to figure out what to do.  This was way before there were cell phones.  There was, however, a phone booth on the edge of the parking lot.  My son called his sister (I was at work) and arranged for her to come and get them.  Her fiancé was a mechanic, so she told them to sit tight and she would pick Les up and bring him out to them.  It was almost 11 pm, and Les got off work at 11, so she picked him up and they headed out to New Lenox, approximately a 40 minute drive.  Meanwhile, I guess the station clerk got nervous about 4 young men hanging around the station that time of night, so he/she called the New Lenox Police.  It was a lady cop (and I use the term "Lady" loosely).  She wanted to know what they were doing, and the driver, Ed, told her politely what the problem was.  She insisted they all get out of the car and submit to a search.  My son got nervous, since he didn't know the 4th guy, and he had no clue what he might or might not be carrying on his person.  Since he was in the military.....which he informed her......he didn't need any trouble with the cops.  He told her they had help coming, but she got real nasty with them and told them they had 1/2 hour to be gone....or she was taking them in. My son made the mistake of asking her why.  She blew up.  By this time, back-up had arrived, and the boys were scared stiff.  Luckily, Kate arrived at that time to vouch for the boys.  The cop stayed and watched while Dave, Les and Bill pushed the car to the back of the parking lot. And then they all had to crowd into Les' car for the ride home.  David was indignant as all Hell.  He wrote a scathing letter to the New Lenox Police Dept about it.  He never received a reply. 

As for me.....I had no love affair with State cops, because they kept picking up creeps on the highway and depositing them on my doorstep at the truck stop.  Invariably, I'd have to call Joliet to come pick them up.  One tried shooting up in the mens' room, and made a bloody mess of the place.  I was alone on the 3rd shift, except for a fuel desk kid and a line cook; I didn't need to babysit their derelicts. 

I had a bad encounter with a cop when my son was in the midst of his drug years.  The cop scared the shit out of me, threatened my son, etc. etc.  I went to Internal Affairs,  it's a long story, but "they" made the cop's charges against my son "go away" saying "they" lost the paperwork when the whole thing went to court. The cop was very surprised. The head of internal affairs was there and he looked at me as if to say, "This was the best I could do."  This happened because I was adamant. No cop should ring a mother's doorbell at 6am, scare the shit out of her and scream in her face.

Cops do not scare me because they all look 15 years old to me.

The only "bad" encounter I have had is when I first moved here. It was my then bosses BIL. He pulled me over (I didn't go on a green light fast enough) ((??) and he pulled me over. The only thing he could write me up for was I didn't have the current insurance card with me.  He said I couldn't drive without proof of insurance and towed my car.  Left me standing in a 7/11 parking lot.  I had to pay for "impoundment" of my vehicle and a cab to get it.  Took it to court and won but was out the money from towing and impoundment.  He was a real jerk.

Stuff like that makes me sick, these are just big A#$holes being obnoxious. I would have called the mayor and got him some notice for himself.




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