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well i did the same dumb thing last time i started a group .. eeeeeeeeeeeee.. it says approve all members and i said ok .. but that means i actually have to approve all members .. i shoulda remembered thats how it was the last time too .. so i think i fixed it now ..now i don't approve any members you just write me a check and you're in .. ok .. i'm kiddin about the check .. send me cash .. money is always good .. 

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at last i have a purpose!

thats funny almond ..that really cracked me up .. 

Is this nudity?  What's the big idea?

FYI, CG is in a group on Google+ Communities however he stayed in his hometown for the Holidays with grands, after that he was heading to warmer climate where he said his internet options might be limited. We know him under different nom de plumes, hope he finds this group. The mystery will be who he shows up as.

sure that ain't him goin up the stairs ?? 

You didn't have to ask me twice Frenchy.  Looks like you got a good group goind here already.  Nice to see everyone. New year, new site, new group, who knew! 

well its about time you showed up here t .. you got some splainin to do .. 




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