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just my opinion here but if you break this down you see how stupid their argument is

this is an ad they've been runnin for amendment 2 here in florida .. its for medical mariuana .. and its scare tactics and as much as i hate to admit it , it just might work .. but if you really think about it you can see its not all that smart .. they're sayin that you won't need a prescription if it passes to get medical weed .. so .. who really wants to have to go to a doctor and pay him 100 bucks for him to maybe give you permission to buy some weed ?? and then how many doctors might you have to see before you find one who will ?? and if he says no does he waive his fee ?? if he says yes does he scurry off to the back and get you some medical weed ? as if the doctor is actually gonna stock it right there if you need it ? we all know thats not gonna happen ..so someone remind me why i even need a dr. in this whole equation anyway ?? and then there's the issue of the weed bein sold in pot stores like a pill mill .. ok then , where would they like it to be sold ?? at church ?? walmart ? 7/11 ?? abc liquors ?? or .. would you like it to be sold to you by someone who actually knows the product that he's sellin so he can give you some good advice on why if you're a 87 year old granny you might not wanna start out with somethin labeled AK-47 .. and have him steer you more towards somethin labeled serenity now ..  i think its time they just got over the fact that its gonna be legalized .. find a way to tax it and let the people who know all about it run it .. will there be bumps along the way ?? oh hell yes . but come on already , how much bigger of a bump can it be than someone  gettin jailed for 20 years for 2 joints ?? thats not a bump in the road . thats a whole bridge fallin down .. 

watch this short video and feel free to argue your point with me . its a free country and you all have a right to your opinion .. 

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Al hope ya feeling much better ....

I think it should be allowed to grow free . That don't keen some people would actually use it growing wild . A lot might but the pros would . It would drop the bucket on the sellers , jailed (free up the jails for real criminals) . 

As ya'll know it is legal here now.  When I had my car wreck last month (and it was a bad one) my 81 year old friend came to see me and said "here, try this" Low and behold she pulls a pill bottle out with a small pipe and weed.  I laughed my ass off.  I can't smoke it b/c I am HR at work and it wouldn't fly too well.  Still, it was nice she wanted to share!!

I really can't see how people are able to afford it . Medicare Medicaid ? 

Here it really isn't that expensive if you compare it to liquor.  We have the highest liquor tax in the nation.

well it passed in alaska ( on the third try ) by a narrow margin .. oregon too.. and in d.c. .. in fact it passed in every place it was on the ballot .. except florida .. and here's the real kicker .. in all the other places it passed by 54% 52% and 55% of the vote .. and in florida it was voted down and we had 58% of the vote .. wtf?? i mean WTF ??????  why did we need 60% when every place else just a simple majority would do ?? who slipped that 60% in there ?? but here's the thing .. its gonna go back on the ballot again in 2016 and many more will come out in force . anybody actually think the repubs are gonna do anything at all in the next 2 years ?? when their only mission for the last 6 was to vote down anything obama tried to do ?? i know a lot of people are sick up and fed with politicians and washington so they said ok and voted the other way thinkin that would change things .. ehh i doubt it .. so down here rick scott got back in as governor .. to tell you the truth i don't trust him as far as i can throw him .. and i'd really like to join a rick scott tossin contest if they held one .. on the one hand he's been toutin how he's gonna grow our economy by bringin industry to florida .. well here's a news flash for ya .. people don't come to florida because it has industry .. you can get all the industry you want in them rust belt states like ohio and michigan .. if we bring any business down here it has to be clean business .. cause nobody wants to go swimmin on a fouled beach in november  .. we have the sugar industry down here and the runnoff from all the phosphates they use is killin lake okechobe .. the biggest fresh water lake in the country other than the great lakes .. so they let the water run down the callossahatchee river and it comes out in the ft. myers cape coral area which fouls up the beaches .. there was a plan on buildin a reseviour and purifyin it but that didn't happen .. woulda made a lotta jobs for a good cause ..but the sugar industry got a huge tax break and no fines for pollutin .. after givin scott a huge campaign contribution .. but scott keeps sayin how he's creatin jobs.. what a shithead .. if they legalized weed it woulda made a shitload of jobs in more ways than one .. i wonder how many winter vacations are gonna be spent in colorado because they can poke some weed and have a good time while they're there .. they can't do it here tho .. way to go rick shithead scott .. and we're stuck with him for 4 more years .. not that charlie christ was a great alternative , cause he wasn't .. but i think he woulda been smarter about the legal weed thing and woulda seen the bigger picture .. scott came from the health care industry .. columbia health care .. they were the ones that set the record for medicare fraud and got fined for over a billion dollars.. scott was the ceo of the company .. when he had to take the stand in defense of his actions he took the 5th 75 times .. and then he gets elected governor ?? wtf?? why do people vote for the crookedest people and then complain that politicians are crooked ?? i wouldn't be surprised if big pharma is behind this whole no weed vote .. and if rick scott is in the middle of it all too .. if it comes out i wonder if he can break his own record for takin the 5th of 75 times ..   

Really crazy isn't it? I am disappointed in my county because they let big oil buy the vote for fracting here. Of course the planners and coastal commissions will tie them up for years with all kinds of reviews and studies. Did measure P even say one work about fracting? No, that was all hidden in a bunch of mumbo jumbo, there were signs everywhere saying vote no on measure P so people did. Did they find out the were voting to have fracting here? Probably not...stupid idiots.

Unfortunately, in Fl amendments have to be passed with a 60 per cent of the voters saying yes.
Scott got barely half the votes just has he did last time...just the wrong half.
I did some campaigning for amendment 2 and for Charlie Crist...so I am kinda bummed...never understood how Scott has tricked as many people as he has...ya know he and several of his cabinet went to TX and drank the Koch koolaid...sigh!
Frenchy, I totally agree with your take on our politics...had to share it with a few friends here, got a few giggles.

how do you feel about that chief ?? will you vote for it or against it ?? to be honest i don't smoke it no more but if they legalize it i might every now and then .. i'm not gettin any younger and them aches and pains are commin more and more frequently so if it helps with that then why not ?? but to each his own .. 

I only smoked it a few times . first to see how it was . Second to she how it was during sex . Really liked the second time but old lady didn't . Freaked her out ...




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