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Ran to the 7 11 to grab a pot pie for breakfast.  There way a kid about 20 or so in line behind me in work clothes.  As I got in my car he comes out and motions for me to roll my window down. I locked the car and cracked the window.  Of all things he asks me for pain pills.  I said no...and if I did I woundn't give you any. Then I drove out of there pretty darn quickly. What is up with people these days!!??

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Several months ago a man went to pick up his medicineat my doctors office . When he walked out a man came out from nowhere and grabbed his medicine and ran . Ya never know these days . My youngest daughter (Karen) has asked me if I had any pills . I rarely take pain pills  except wgen I tour my knee up . I wouldn't give her any if I had some ...

WOW!! I can't believe he just walked up to you like that!!

Must be the season for crazies wanting pain killers. This story near me yesterday:

WAUSAU, Wis (WSAU)   A Wausau man is under arrest, accused of dragging a woman down the street with his pick-up truck after the two got into an argument yesterday. 47-year-old Timothy Kunz was charged with endangering safety and disorderly conduct and was released on $500 bond. Prosecutors say they're reviewing the case, and may file additional charges when he makes his next court appearance on Monday.

Police say they got an initial report that the victim had fallen out of the truck.

The incident started as an argument over prescription pills. The woman was a friend who made sure that Kunz took his medication and didn't take too many pills at once. Kunz wanted more drugs, grabbed the woman's purse, and tried to speed away. She was holding onto the truck's door-handle and was dragged down Imm Street for about 100 yards before falling to the pavement. She suffered minor injuries.

Wow, you must be right.  I think I would have let him have the drugs....

People say I decorate with guns.  (I'm a collector)  I target and trap shoot, I also hunt.  I'm not very big and I figure they are a good "equalizer".  If that kid had tried anything more he would have been very sorry.

well most addicts are usually harmless .. they're just addicts and can't help it once hooked .. i have a friend who was in a bad car accident up in jersey and he shattered his hip .. so bad in fact they had to put in a hip replacement .. but he's been in pain ever since .. and here's the thing .. most of these doctors who do these kinds of surgery are miracle workers .. absolute miracle workers .. but they have no idea what to do about the pain afterwards that some people have to live with .. so .. they prescribe .. and prescribe .. and prescribe some more .. i think what they need in any and every doctors office that does surgery for accident victims is someone who is an expert on pain management .. and knows some way to treat that without the addictive drugs .. if they don't have anyone in their office then they should have someone they can send their patients to.. now i'm by no means sayin that everyone on drugs has this kind of a problem .. but i've seen it more than once .. and both guys were all around nice guys .. not the junkie type if you know what i mean .. i remember tellin bob once that in order to be a good junkie he needed to be 2 things ..1 a good con artist and 2 a real bad ass .. and he was neither .. he didn't get the connection tho cause he was gettin his pills from the doctor.. i think it may be sinkin in now tho cause he's in jail . for the third time  .. and it was never for anything really bad .. just tradin his pills back and forth with other guys in the same condition he was .. he wasn't the type to strongarm somebody or to con you out of your money .. its a sad condition .. really sad ..  




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