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i have this roku so i can get news from a lot of different sources so i'm not sure if any of the other networks picked this story up or not but this is the basic jist of it .. it seems that they've discovered that people who are thin have a type of bacteria in their gut that does somethin ( altho they're not sure what just yet for sure ) that aids in keepin your weight down .. people who have a lot of extra weight don't have this bacteria .. why ?? they don't know .. they just know there is a link .. but here's somethin to think about .. why do they give animals antibiotics ?? most would say to keep them from gettin sick but the truth is its because they gain weight faster so they can bring them to market faster and thus it saves em money ..it has nothin to do with keepin em healthy .. so lets try and connect the dots here .. when you're born you don't have any of the bacteria in your gut . its somethin that you get introduced to as you grow older .. exactly when and how i'm not sure .. mothers milk maybe ?? and what is it that kills em off for some people ?? could it be the very antibiotics that is in our food chain that the fda approved ?? anybody think its a good idea to put antibiotics in the food of farm animals we eat ??  

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I have long been opposed to antibiotics being given to farm animal that are not sick. Antibiotics are one of the greatest discoveries of all time and have changed the world. However over use of them creates resistant bacteria and could eventually put us back into the same situation we were in before they were invented.

No, I wish they would not do that.  I am also getting more and more concerned about the genetic engineered food.  I like the way you connected those dots French, it makes a lot of sense to me. 

It does make a lot of sense. I hope someone does some research to find out how to get it back.

I subscribe to an online science magazine and read some of the research about this...seems to be bacteria related to how carbohydrates are metabolized and increasing fiber in the diet increases this bacteria.
All different types of bacteria in our bodies that keep us healthy and keep things functioning the right way. The Agriculture Dept at the University of Illinois has done the research study and they do mention the use of antibiotics in food animals...they say the dots don't connect...different processes and different bacteria....interesting information though.
With the Cancer I have, my digestive system has had the biggest impact...learning a lot about gut bacteria and enzymes and what I can do to help myself...always something connected.




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