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Last night, my daughter and I....our cars were both broken into. The police said we were about the 5th TODAY in our area. I met  a woman at the mailboxes who asked if I was by chance robbed because SHE was too!

Out of my daughter's car, they stole her GPS, some CD's, and her 3 month prescription for Lexapro she JUST got. (for anxiety)

My car....they took my things I planned to mail today...my mom/stepdad's presents and all my family's Christmas cards (the "Hallmark" type that are "To Mom" type...NOT cheap), a bunch of Specialty Candy bars that my mom loves. I had a shoebox on the front seat of a bunch of CDs I planned to take to the Music/Movies exchange place but the MORONS left about 10 brand new, sealed in plastic (I bought a TIME LIFE 10 CD set at Goodwill once for $3.00 and only like a couple of the CD's) and took the 2 DVD's I had. ONE was Christmas Vacation 2 (Chevy Chase is not in it) ONE was the WORST movie I ever saw (well one of them anyway) HOWEVER, they grabbed the CD holder I had in the visor that had 10 of my favorite CD's in it!!

OH and they took her vent "air freshener" and both our car chargers. MINE was an el CHEAPO purple charger. Seriously, WHY do people steal the things they DO? Has anyone ever been robbed? (I NEVER have been in my life) THIS is my daughter's second time tho first time was in Tennessee and much scarier as she was robbed at gunpoint in her driveway. Some guy jumped in her car as she was leaving for work.

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Oh, that stinks!!! Sorry this happened to you, Kim.  The bastards.

sorry to hear this kim . these are still desperate times .. hopefully things will get better .. but there will always be the types who chose to take the easy way and take someone elses stuff instead of gettin their own the hard way .. i guess the bright side is they didn't shoot you to get it .. stuff can always be replaced but your life is not so easy .. glad that you're ok above all .. 

A lot of stuff is being taken now around here as well . People driving around taking packages off porches right after delivery man drops it off .Taking mail from mail boxes is big thing now ...

Kim, sorry to hear this.  I suppose one might find some comfort in the fact that they didn't take the whole cars (although if my oldest one I wouldn't greive too much). I can't believe they took the air freshener from your daughter's car.

In modern times no one has stolen from me that I know of. In the service year's back I lived with a bunch of theives and criminals so that was to be expected.

I was a single mom with 3 grandkids when my SO had a motorcycle accident and couldn't work his usual job. He got a temporary job to help pay the rent.....but we had very little money for Christmas. I hand selected gifts for my grandkids, and my kids. We had a tree, and the sorry little pile of gifts was under it. My oldest son was home on leave and the boys had borrowed my car to go to the mall. I worked midnites, so I was in bed. Like good boys, they had turned off the tree lights before leaving. I worked midnites, so I was in bed,and my SO was at work. While I was asleep, my apartment was broken into, and they cleaned out everything under the tree.....my VCR...and my SO's expensive leather motorcycle jacket. Then they started checking out the other rooms....including mine. They thought no one was home, so when they opened my bedroom door and the light fell on my sleeping frame, they panicked and left. I woke up when the dining room light was shining in my eyes. I was broken-hearted; it had taken all I had to buy those things. But I found out who my friends were; everyone I knew suddenly had no idea what to buy me, so they just gave me money. And they gave it to me early. By Christmas Eve, I had managed to replace everything I had lost. So it had a happy ending.

My husband and I were robbed when we were in our early 20's, they broke into the house while we were sleeping, the only thing stolen was my husband's wallet which was found a day later in the alley by a neighbor, he didn't have much cash and in those days we didn't have credit cards. He was happy to get his wallet back and his drivers license. We were in our 20's and living in a rental house in a not so great neighborhood.

Sorry you had this experience at Christmas time, It would be a grinchy experience for sure. Hugs Kim to you and your daughter. I'm hoping something extra special good happens to you in the New Year to make up for it.

KARIN...that is the WORST story with a happy  ending!!

Chief...the OWNERS MANUAL?! So you had a GEEK THIEF... LOL!! The woman who said she was robbed as well said the threw everything out of the Glove compartment then CLOSED it up neatly but left her drivers side door wide open. I said, That's funny because Melissa's door ALSO was open and they CLOSED my glove box too. NEAT crooks.

I haven't really thought much about it today but I called my mom who has a silly sense of humor so I said, "MOM, I have GOOD news and bad news. Good news is I bought you and jerry the funniest musical card EVER and awesome gifts and you were gonna get them BEFORE Christmas this year! BAD news is they were STOLEN!" After she sympathized with me, we joked around and I told her, "Yeah, sorry you won't get to see JAG the first season but it probably sucked ANYWAY!! And Jerry, tell him to watch for a John Wayne and Clint Eastwood marathon on TCM!"  LOL!!

MY daughter, however is highstrung and paranoid and the first thing she did when she left work yesterday was buy a BEWARE OF DOG sign for the window but I told her seeing as our 4 dogs in the window look more like a Christmas card than a threat to anyone's lives, thieves would probably look at it and laugh their A$$ES off!!....LOL!!

It's one those times of year that brings out the best and the worst of human behavior it seems doesn't it? I've been a witness to parking lot thefts but never a victim of one...but I have called police a couple times to try and prevent one.
My house was broken into and cleaned out several years ago...electronics were stolen and then a general trashing..it was such a violation and made me feel so vunerable. I hate this happened to you and your daughter.

Several years ago my Aunts husband died . She borrow 5200 dollars to pay on his funeral bill . At visitation at funeral home she left the money in her daughter SUV locked . After visitation and ready to go home . They found side window broken out . Her handbag with money was gone . She thought it was safe at a funeral home . No No No ...

We were on a vacation once. Several vehicles in parking garage were broken into, windows smashed. We lost the GPS, some spare change Several days later I discovered my credit card had been taken during the same trip...partially my fault, had left it in my wallet in my purse in my suitcase when we went out for a walk (can you say inside jobs???) the card had been used at the grocery store for water, diapers and cigarettes and from the surveillance camera it was clearly not me... They also used it at the dollar store...the total amount they spent -of my money- was under $150... I had a nice talk with the police, sadly they don't have the manpower to catch these petty thieves and the credit card folks don't care, they pay you back up to $2000, so no big deal to them.... The hotel assured me all their workers were upstanding citizens and had worked there many years.. Nice gig they have, get a paycheck and get groceries from the tourists...
Anyhow, it is a sad commentary on the state of things, the economy, the lack of repercussions for crimes, the acceptance of "just how it is".......




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