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Do you still put up a tree ? A Fresh cut tree , Artificial Tree or something else ? Or just don"t Care anymore ?

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I can never decide whether or not to post videos for the songs that I like. Most of you folks can barely tolerate me as it is, and my musical assaults on the holiday season could be the last straw for some of you. Plus, I don't want to give away too much of the songs that I'll be playing on WQNA Not that most of you would listen to that, anyway.


On the other hand, the hell with it.

Wicked bass

Be a good one to screw to on a hot night ....Doggy style that is ...

Nothing wrong wth music , it's all good ...

We always went out in the fields  and cut a cedar tree . Never bought one till I got married . Ya get then the day before Christmas for a dollar ...

Always a real tree.  Usually ride the horses to cut one and bring back.  This year I wimped out and went to a tree farm and got one.  The house smells so good!!




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