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And that's not a misspelling! What happens when you eat too many sugarless gummy bears.  I really did laugh out loud at some of these.


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Believe me this has happened to me mores than I care to mention . Not from eating gummy bears . One time I was sitting in chair my cousin was calling . As I was talking too him it started first gas . I knew I had to get up and go to bathroom . It was building up big time . I knew if I moved it would be set free . I couldn't hole it . I started up my spine I finally got from up leaving a trail to bath room . As I sit down it went everywhere . Took me three day to clean it off my ass . Bathroom it took over a week to clean .
My bedpan is beside me if something happens like that but a fear of pan overflowing ...

Wayne, sorry to hear that.  Oy!  Get a bigger bed pan if you are afraid of it's overflowing.

Only reason I said that is I Pee Like A Horse . My prostate got swollen a couple years ago and spent a week in hospital . I had a hard time going and developed into a bacterial infection . Doctor finally mentioned Flowmax . He started me on it . In two days it was like the flood gates were open . I have to take it plus two other pills a day the rest of my life . The crap part isn't as heavy . So not worried there .
Love this thread ...

that sugarless stuff is hard on you .. remember that olestra they used in potato chips about 10 years or so ago ?? nope .. i never tried it but they actually had to put warnings on the bag that if you ate them it would give you the trots ..





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