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Our government has done some really dumb things over the years but to me this one has always just slayed me...and it's the one that keeps irritating year after year in very personal way....

Want the government out of your bedroom??????...sign the petition.

Do folks really think this gives you more hours of daylight?.....NOT!

The older I get, the more it bothers me. I think maybe if you have a daily schedule you have to keep, liking going to work, it's more bothersome.

Be still my heart though...there is a political party in FL that has introduced a bill to do away with it...keeping fingers crossed.

Any opinions?? 


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I don't like it at all. I set the clocks up an hour before I went to bed and still slept over. It takes me 2 or 3 days to adjust but it was a real bitch when I was working. I'm on team pick one then leave it the hell alone all ready.

Changing the clock doesn't really bother me much, but then I don't usually sleep through the night anyway.  Somehow it seems a bit easier now that most clocks change automatically, like the computer and my phone.  It is what ever time it is, right?  It's all relative.  LOL  Seriously though if we are going to do it, everyone should.  I was on a trip out west visiting the National Parks.  We were in Utah, camping near Bryce and Zion Canyons.  We realized that we weren't far from the Grand Canyon, North Rim I think.  We were planning on visiting the South Rim but when we learned that the North Rim wasn't that far away, we decided take a side trip.  We made dinner reservations and drove up a couple of hours early to see some sights before going to the lodge for dinner.  I was really glad we made the trip, but we did have to cross into Arizona from Utah.  We learned (when we tried to go into dinner) that Arizona doesn't do Day Light Savings Time.  So our 7:00 dinner reservations were really 8:00 and by the time we ate and got back on the road to Utah and our campsite, it was very late and very, very dark.  The deer and elk were out in force, making it kind of dangerous ride back.  It all turned out fine, but it was a nail biter of a trip.  This was before GPS was readily available.  I supposed if we knew about the time differences between the states we could have planned better, but what did a bunch of east coast city folk know about the west!  I am not even sure I understood that we were crossing into another state.  Good thing I wasn't driving huh!  LOL  Anyway, other than that one time, it have never bothered me one way or another.  

Nice pheasant Shadowman, very cool.  

well all i can add is that the time change always screws me up .. i get used to it .. but for the first couple of days i'm all messed up .. when i was a kid i was like rubber.. you could stretch me anyway you wanted and i'd stretch right back .. but now .. i'm more like plastic and i can only bend so far and i snap .. i've noticed that the older i get the more it screws with me .. its a good thing i work for myself and make my own hours .. now if someone wants to come see me its by appointment only so for the next few days i won't make any appointments .. unless i really have to .. but i find i've been doin that more and more lately anyway time change or not .. this gettin old ain't for sissies ..   

Well, I was ready for a nap about 1...and had to teach another class instead. I keep thinking I'm late and something is missing...no sissies for sure...wah wah!




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