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this is sad to see cause i always liked bill cosby .. but with all these women commin forward it has to make you wonder .. i really wanna give him the benefit of the doubt but it seems like these women are stackin up like cords of wood here with new ones everyday .. so what do you guys think?? do you think he drugged these women ??  

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Well they say where there is smoke there is fire.  My big question is why did they wait so long to say something?

Man, French, I sure hope he didn't do it! I agree it looks bad, but......one by one......the men I have admired......believed in......trusted.......respected.......have proven to be just the same jerks most other guys are. I really don't think there are any more men I look up to anymore. They all seem to be doomed to think with the wrong head and do awful, deceitful, reprehensible things. If I can't believe in these men......and there have been tons of them.....then who? Even Dr. Martin Luther King, jr......who I saw in Miami in 1962.....and who I looked up to and believed in.......screwed around on his wife. Are there no truly decent men left in the world? Have they no will power? Have they no respect for themselves.....their wives.....or just women in general? It makes me very glad I don't know anything real personal about my father; I couldn't handle finding out he was like the rest of them.
I always liked Bill Cosby, all the way back to I Spy. That said "where there is smoke there is at least some fire".

why assume any of us has to make a decision as to the truthfulness of allegations at this point or at all? there is a lot more going on here. first there is the fact that with the passage of time, this is way more a 'she said, he said' situation. if accusations had been brought at the time, there could have been physical evidence such as blood samples showing the presence of the compounds used to drug the women, timelines, hotel rooms, witnesses seeing them together prior , witnesses seeing the woman and her condition after the alleged incidents, etc. i have my own doubts as to how powerful cosby was and the ability he would have for him to avoid accusations and charges at the time. someone, somewhere always talks.  in any event, the statute of limitations would apply for the criminal conduct and there is also a statute of limitations for any civil claims that would seem to apply here. thus even if claims are true, they would likely be unable to be acted upon after this long a period of time. there is also a time limit for the ability to FILE any charges.  this whole mess may be true...or it might be a collection or gaggle of used-to-be's seeking publicity or to try to collect from someone. it is suspicious that no one ever reported these crimes at the time

 the point is that at the present time, all there are are allegations and accusations without any evidence or data that we know of to substantiate the accusations. if all it takes to be thought guilty of something is for a person to be accused of an action 20 or 30 years after the incident is alleged to have occurred, we have made a wrong turn somewhere

imagine....'where were you on the afternoon of june 22nd 1982? can you prove you weren't in the Hotel No-Tell with my client who was dressed in a girl scout uniform with no knickers so you could eat her cookies?

I never liked Bill Cosby.  I did like his early stand-up, but his pontifications bothered me--and the look in his eyes.  He looks mean.  This has nothing to do with you asked, Frenchy, but I don't know if it's true or not about the sex--waiting to hear his statement.

I think at least one of the women did make claims at the time, started down the road of at least a civil case and ended up settling the case prior to any trial.  It is concerning that none of the others came forward or spoke up at the time.  If their allegations are true, I can only image how they must have felt then...and back in the day - it was even more difficult to report these types of crimes - we barely believe women now, back then it would have been even more difficult.  Also, when you add fame into the mix, the first thing many think is that they are just gold diggers or looking for their their 3 minutes of fame.  Bill Cosby has been beloved for years, and now at his ripe old age, I wouldn't want to push something like this claim up the hill if it weren't true....what the heck would they get out of it?  On the other hand, if it is true, why now?  Do they think he is still dangerous to women?  Why bother now?  None of it makes much sense to me.  

My husband played tennis with him a few times way back when he lived in Las Vegas, he thought Bill was a really great guy. I don't know, there may be some truth to one or two of these claims, some of the others may be just to get on the band wagon to find free cash. Over a lifetime I'm sure he had his pick of women and I can see how there may have been a few who wanted to be aggressive when drinking etc. All that messing around doesn't bode well in the long run. I personally don't think he is a violent person. I've been fooled before. ????

well at this point its 10 women .. i don't think they know each other but they all know bill cosby so the next question would be why would they all say that if it wasn't true ?? problem asked why they didn't come forward then and the only answer i can think of is that rape is such a personal thing .. i know several women who have been raped and none of them wanted to bring charges because its such a tramatizin event .. it may have taken these women 30 years to get over it enough to finally speak up now .. but back then to have to battle that out in court ?/ and against bill cosby who would have had the best lawyers money could buy ?? and to have to face the press everyday , day after day after day ?? it would be like a nightmare that wouldn't end.. every woman i know who went thru it just wanted to hide someplace .. the last thing they wanted was to go to court and have to relive it all over again .. especially on the world stage as opposed to just in your little home town .. its a lot like the kids who were molested by priests .. it took em years to finally speak up .. does anyone think they're lyin ??  

well i just heard that 3 more women have come forward.. a total of 13 now .. so is this just smoke still ?? or could it really be fire now ?? ehh , i don't think this is just a gaggle of geese here .. if cosby wants to convice the public this is all inuendo like he's tryin to claim then he's gonna have to start addresin these claims .. the truth of the matter here is that no matter what happens the statute of limitations is long since past so no charges will be filed and no civil claims can either so he won't be sued .. so these women ain't doin this for money .. unless... unless there was a deal made a long time ago and cosby had been payin some of these ladies and now that the time limit is here he stopped ?? this could be more involved than we know ?? or .. not ..  

just heard this mornin its 15 women now .. it don't look like this is goin away .. 

I can't figure out waiting so long.  If that had happened  to me I would have shouted at the time it happened, not 30 years after the fact.

well the way its bein told cosby had a lot of influence to keep this stuff hushed up dwalt .. but the number of women who have finally come forward has now hit 18 as of last nite ..and last night there was a report on guy who used to work for cosby and his job ( among others ) was to guard the door of his dressin room . he says at the time he wasn't sure what was goin on but he did see some women commin out like they were drunk.. so now it all makes sense to him . and there were a lot of payments made to women which could also indicate why some women kept quiet .. thinkin they couldn't win anyway and as most of em were in show biz in one way or the other they figured if they said anything their careers would be over , so they took the money .. i'm sure thats not the way they saw it turnin out but when faced with the battle they would be in with cliff huxtable america's favorite dad it was their only good option .. wendy williams who was not drugged and raped had a radio station back in 1998 or so and she had heard all the rumours about coz and she said somethin about it on her show and cosby called her station manager and tried to have her fired in the middle of her show .. her station manager had her in his office in the middle of her bein on the air and cosby was on the phone callin her every name in the book .. but the rumours had been goin around for quite awhile .. but nobody wanted to be the first one to say anything about it for fear of what cosby could do .. i think its amazing that he got away with it for as long as he did ..

its gettin too hard to believe at this point that somethin wasn't happenin .. 18 women and countin .. and they all say they were drugged and raped .. and trust me if you ever did some really strong drugs like i was talkin about in that wolf of wall street movie its really hard for you to put up a fight when its happenin.. and just as hard to remember what the fuck went on .. and from what i understand ruffies are supposed to be even worse .. i have no experience with them tho .. qualudes was more than enough for me to know they weren't somethin to mess with .. but the few times i did them i at least knew that i was the one who took em .. if someone slips you one you have no idea whats goin on ..so its no surprise they call ruffies the date rape drug .. and its hard to testify about somethin you can't remember .. even tho you know somethin happened .. you can't say exactly what for sure .. it makes you a terrible witness in court .. if cosby got away with it 18 times cause thats the headcount now it makes you wonder how many times he actually did this ?? and to how many woman ?? and again the amount of woman who are still either afraid or just want to forget about this kind of thing is probably at least double the number to the ones that will come forward.. if its anything at all like rapes that you can remember it might be even 5 or 10 times as high .. can anyone recall a case of a serial rapist who used drugs to subdue his victims ?? and how many victims there actually were as opposed to how many that came forward??

i seem to recall a case years back where the police stumbled upon this one guys stash of his own sex tapes .. ( not sure how or why they did ) but when they looked at them there were dozens and dozens of women who were clearly pretty much comatose while this guy had his way with them and when they started to find out who these women were all of them knew they had been drugged but none of them remembered what happened afterwards ..they knew somethin happened .. but couldn't remember what .. slip that into someone's drink and its like milk of amnesia ..    




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