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i heard that boston got 2 feet of snow yesterday .. on top of the other 4 feet they got in 2 previous snowstorms .. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee... so .. hows your weather where you are ?? 

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Cloudy this morning . No snow this year yet . Highs in the 50's but fixin to cool down this coming weekend . Down too around 16 by Friday night ...

In north central Wisconsin it is 12 above but sunny now. Got up to mid 20s and sunny yesterday which was a treat. Back below zero tomorrow night, all normal weather antics this time of year. Not much sun this winter. The big snows missed us this year and about one and a half feet on the ground only.

Ice on top of snow that fell last week.  Ugly as S**t out there.  And this week end is going to be fahreeeeeeeezing cold.

But, tomorrow I work, then I bowl, then I have a birthday party to go to. Thursday night I am going to a yoga thing at a restaurant with an organic meal afterwards, if it doesn't snow, which it's supposed to, Friday I work again, and that's three days closer to spring.

Patricia how are you handling your in laws being there with ya . Hope it's working out ...

I am in the middle of all that snow.  Gotta admit, it has gotten old fast this year.  I usually like winter and don't mind the snow.  But this year I am not feeling it.  Maybe because it has all come at once, I mean no snow for months and then in the last 2 to 3 weeks - we have mountains!  I wish we could ship it off to places that have been experiencing drought.  At this point I just want it off the road.  I haven't even dug out my car.  The public transportation system is failing and the roads are all narrow due to the piles of snow and there is no parking because the parking spots are all filled with snow.  And all anyone can talk about is we are going to get more snow!  I think I need a warm weather vacation.  Was watching a local travel program called Chronicle and they usually do "tank away" kind of trips, highlights of local towns and such.  But this time they were talking about Sanibel and Captiva Island, near Fort Meyers in Florida.  It was very enticing.  Especially with another 2 feet possible this weekend.  

yeah sanibel is nice this time of the year t .. thats right in my neighborhood so to speak .. i haven't been there in years tho .. i feel for you up there .. i've been hearin there are a lot of people down here this year .. more than usual .. i'll bet a lot of em are from boston .. no better time to get your ass to airport than now .. 

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