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I watched a movie with William Powell and Debbie Reynolds from 1954.  He was a high powered Hollywood writer and she was a vagrant teen aged girl that ended up with him on Christmas Eve. 

First, He was supposed to be 35 and she was supposed to be 17.  He didn't look 35, so I looked up when he was born.  He was 62 playing a 35 year old man.  Talk about suspension of disbelief!  They got away with stuff like that in those days.

Second, the sexual tension between the two started early on, then he took her to Vegas to marry her, and I don't know how it ended because my husband came back with the take-out for dinner.  I'm thinking such an age difference would garner if not the police, but the scorn of everyone, yet it was the plot of this movie.  Again, they got away with stuff like that in those days.

There is no purpose to this post, but these random thoughts had to go somewhere....so you guys got them. Merry Christmas! 

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I am 66 now, my partner is 56, yes 10 years diffrence in our age ,,, we became know each others every passing days, our sexual relation grow up and become stronger and stronger we live like two lovers.

My dad was bigger than more 20 years.  

Wow, Doga.  Your father was 20 years older than your mother?  That doesn't sound so strange. Michale Douglas is way older that Catherine Zeta Jones, too.

 I think the fact that the girl in the movie was a street waif and only 17 and given to William Powell for safety, then they start getting into each other--I don't know. Something just seemed off about.

I went to a wake with my mother once. The man was 97 when he died.  The family put up pictures from when he was younger, and I saw one with him and his bride on their wedding day.  She looked like a little girl in the picture.

I asked my mother about it and she said he was 25 and she was 15 when they got married.  That would be grounds for jail nowadays. 

Also, my husband always says that if his health teacher had given him a shot when he was 14, he would have been the happiest kid in the world.  Now, the teacher would go to jail.

Things change.

actually the legal age to marry with parental permission is surprisingly low in some states. in fact that is what derailed jerry lee lewis's career for a number of years. he was at the top of the heap until he married his 13 year old cousin. the combination of 13 years old and cousins pretty much made him a pariah for a number of years. while i like jerry lee lewis, that is pretty much just creepy to me..

How old did Debbie Reynolds look?
Haven't seen this movie but many actors often looked older to me in some of these older movies...maybe the makeup and how they were dressed and the dialog was more formal.

She looked about 25.  This kind of thing happened so much back in the day.  People did look older when they younger though.  I remember my mother and all her lady friends and my godmothers. They looked so old from when the were about 40 onward.

i saw the movie about 15 years ago . i can't remember what happened tho cause i came in in the middle and then had other stuff goin on .. but i do remember her bein this teenager he was put in charge of for one reason or another .. from what i remember tho he was tryin not to get involved and she was actin like the young and innocent type in need of a knight in shinnin armor .. and she kinda came on to him if i remember right .. and guys can't always say no for too long .. which is what gets us in trouble .. not sayin its right tho .. i remember a quote from robin williams may he rest in peace .. god gave us men 2 heads but unfortunately only enough blood to run one of em at a time .. 

The part that didn't sit too well with me is that he was supposed to be taking care of her. They did go to Vegas to get married, but I never watched the ending.

and then they moved and he became a teacher in texas?

Those big age differences are fine as long as both people are in tune I think, however it does catch up. My husband is 16.5 years older than I am and we were great for most of the time we were/are married but about 2 years ago he started losing his memory and now I am more of a care giver than a wife. He just turned 86 and I am 69. He can't travel, walks very slowly with a cane, gets confused easily so I have lost my partner. I would still have married him if I had to do it over but there is that downside to consider.

The age difference didn't bother me as much as his being in a position of trust, and yet he fell to her charms.  Surprising.

Life--age doesn't have much to do with the deterioration of someone's health. I married younger and face the same situation as you with a husband who is not well.  It sucks.  All the plans--kaboom.




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