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What Is Rudeness and Why Does It Exist ? 

What Good Does It Do ?

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Sometimes rudeness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

Or, more accurately, in the eye of the one being offended by someone else's "rudeness". "You DISAGREED with me about something ?! How DARE you, you dirty, unamerican, stupid scum ! Don't you know that's RUDE ?"

I get a lot of that....

Rudeness is like posting gross things, it's in the eye of the beholder. Neither is good for anyone.

Would it be rude of me to point out all those "too much information gross out comments"?

Some people get off on doing that stuff because they know it will upset other people, that's rude.

I'm a caregiver of what people perceive as "sweet little old ladies" but some can be quite RUDE. I know a lot of these people are in situations they are not happy about and they are sometime RUDE, standoffish, gruff,  persnickety, or abrupt. My conclusion with at least 5 of these people I have had as personal clients as an "at home caregiver" is THIS: It doesn't matter if I am "ME"  or their favorite movie star, it is whoever walks in the room at the very moment that they are feeling a frustration about something is who is going to experience their rudeness.

YESTERDAY, I was in Chik-fil-a which almost ALWAYS has EXCELLENT customer service in EVERY chain I have been in EXCEPT for yesterday. The young man spoke in a monotone edged with a "hurry up and tell me what you want" attitude. His actions were automatic and when I said THANK YOU, he began speaking into his "speaker" thing that indicated someone was at the drive thru. Since this has NEVER happened at cHIK FIL A, it got me wondering about his RUDENESS. I concluded that he does NOT like his job, at least NOT at that moment. Perhaps, this was his FIRST day running the front counter AND the drive thru and he was a little frazzled. I don't know. But I wondered if this is why customer service is SO bad in so many other places?!





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