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GrammieSue asked a great question on our group front page, about how our unfinished objects are coming along. I've picked up my current shawl project which uses 0000 (very tiny) knitting needles and silk/camel "yarn" that looks like thread. There are so many mistakes in this project that I almost dread finishing it (at least they will be teeny tiny mistakes! - unfortunately I suspect they will show up like great big ones!)

Anyway - What is the state of your unfinished objects?

Maybe we can encourage each other here in this discussion to get some of those old things done and out of the way!!

Here is the center  over a hundred rows ago.

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For the most part, I throw them out or donate them to Goodwill or a similar organization.  The felt Christmas stocking for my now 21 year old son will not impress him, etc.  However, I will finish knit and crochet projects, at least those of my own.  I seem to inherit them from other people. WIP, include... a bunch of scarves all ordered by a neighbor, started and worked on in rotation;  Easter bunny hats for two baby boys (one not born yet), hats everywhere (I make about 75 a year for charity), a wool tote bag to felt, and several hand me downs...a double sided baby blanket, a red wool sweater, etc.

If we dig further we get to cross stitch, embroidery etc.  Part of which is no longer possible because of eye problems.

I know what you mean about inheriting unfinished projects (and I have enough of them I have lost interest in without getting other people's!) Although that makes me think that swapping projects we have lost interest in with others might be a way to get them going and done!

I'd love to see you pull out one of those projects and finish it! I have told myself finish two unfinished before I am allowed to start another new one. Eventually that means (maybe in 100 years) I will get them all done! (wink!)

Oh my goodness.  It is beautiful even if I could see mistakes, which I don't because I would not know what I was looking for, but even if I could see mistakes I would not care because this is beautiful and I could never do work so intricate.  Wow good on you for even giving it a go.

I have many UFO's not a one inherited from someone else they are all mine. LOL!! I seem to be a producer of UFO's but I am a very busy lady so sewing and crochet are my last things I get to do.  Still I have many things I want to finish this year.

Great! Maybe you could set a goal (Tell us what is!) and then report back. Sometimes the pressure of a public announcement helps us focus! (wink!)

Thanks, my nightmare is that I've dropped a stitch there somewhere and when I block it I get a huge unravelling hole!!




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