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So what five movies do you think your grandkids (or the next generation) should absolutely see? (I'm thinking important quality type stuff here - not things we personally love, but aren't top notch!) What five classic movies belong in one's educational store house?

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Elmer Gantry is an unusual choice! I like it!

I'm glad, WS!

I've always thought it was an underrated film. The characterizations are often painted with broad strokes by critics, when I believe they're complex and even subtle at times.

As portrayed in the movie, do we ever really know exactly who Elmer or Sharon are? Exactly what motivates them? Or the true nature of sin and the mechanism of salvation?

And what a perfect vehicle for Lancaster's energy. He plays a similar character in another great movie about human nature--The Rainmaker.

Since I agree on all the major classic movies listed, here are a few of my other picks.


A Raisin In The Sun


A Tree Grows In Brooklyn


The Day After


One more.

I love every pick on your list, luvy. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is a special favorite.

I would include Raging Bull.Taxi Driver,Rainman,When Harry Met Sally and McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

From the 30's (classic era of early talkies)

The Thin Man


King Kong

It Happened One Night

Gone With the Wind




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