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Ok so there was a discussion about your favorite film to cheer you up,now what about the most depressing films that you have seen?What film is a sure buzz killer,guaranteed to bring you down?

For me one of the most depressing films I have ever seen was Leaving Las Vegas starring Nicholas Cage.It's gotten to the point that if I see it showing on the box I just have to skip over it,even though I feel it's a valid film and well acted.(Cage won an Oscar) It is just too difficult for me to watch Nicolas Cage's character self destruct by drinking himself to death while the prostitute(played by Elizabeth Shue) who is taking care of him is desperately trying to love him,while battling her own demons and her lifestyle.

The film was directed and written by Mike Figgis, based on a semi-autobiographical novel by John O'Brien. Two weeks after the production of the film had started, O'Brien committed suicide. A halt of the project was considered, but work on the film was continued as a memorial of sorts.

Some other dark gems I would list are Requiem For A Dream,Bjork's Dancer In The Dark,The Diving Bell And The Butterfly,Million Dollar Baby,Donnie Darko,Sophie's Choice.....Those are just a few of mine.....
Your turn,if you can sit through such angst??

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I can't bear Leaving Las Vegas! All of your choices are good ones for bumming one out! Happiness was very depressing too. And Naked is also depressing.
I love the Italian Neo-realists - but those are upsetting in a good way - bitter-sweet. I cry whenever I watch Ladri di Bicicletta - but I'll watch it every time. I don't think I would watch Happiness again!
Waterloo Bridge, Imitation of life and most recently 7 Pounds....left the theater feeling like there was about 70 pounds weighing me down.
Years ago I watched Dead Poet Society. Very depressing and swore I would never watch it again.
Ubu - Dead Poet Society made me really angry!
The first time i watched the Dead Poet Society. I absolutely hated it. Why I watched it again,I dont know. But, I actually ended up liking it. Its was very painul tho the first time.
The last time I watched the original M*A*S*H, I made a promise to myself to never sit through it again.
I am far removed from being a movie critic. Ask Pru. However, the movie that caused more angst for me than any other is; "The Pledge" . It very strongly makes the point that no matter what your intentions, for good or evil, you do not have any control over the outcome. I hated it. I would not watch it again. I haven't seen all of Jack Nicholson's film's. But, of the ones I have seen, this is his strongest acting.




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