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Has anyone ever saved your life?

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The cardiologist at the E. R. and my brother in law when I was drowning

Oh..and I had an encounter with a pit viper.  I froze in place and my husband shot it in the head with an air rifle. Got him with one shot.   

Yes, Dr. Red Duke.

No.....but I have saved two people: a girl in my swim class in high school had gotten into the deep end when she wasn't ready for it, and she panicked. Her friend thought she was kidding, and no one was doing anything, so I dove in and pulled her out. Years later, I found my friend had od'd, trying to commit suicide. I called my husband, and between the 2 of us we brought her around and kept an eye on her at our house overnight. I think she would quite possibly have been in real trouble if I hadn't had a "bad feeling" and gone over there when I did.

No. Thank goodness I have never been in a life threatening position.

Yes, once. while rabbit hunting and crawling through some underbrush there was a coiled rattlesnake in front of me that I didn't see. My friend behind me saw it and with a shot that whizzed by my ear, hit the snake in the head. No doubt it would a struck and bit me in the face.

In 2008- I had a stroke on Thanksgining day- with a house ful of  compmay for dinner.Ended up in coma foe 3 days- drs. said I wasn't going to make- for my son to call the other son home. An orentail lady dr came in and said"she;s not going to make it- so we have nothing to loose- I'd like to try this  drug-" my son let her- and in a few hours I as coming around have no side effects from the stroke. Only bad thing was when in coma- the hospital let me fall out of bed abd fractured my pelvis.

In 2011 my son James was staying with me and I had been in pain most of the evening.  Around 3 am I got up to use the bathroom and collapsed in the doorway and it slammed against the wall.  I was calling for him but he didn't hear me.  The woman that's my granddaughters mother was there un benowst to me and shook him awake and while he got me up she snuck out   I met her once before that.  She showed up before the ambulance like he had called her.  If she hadn't heard me I would have died.  I had a very bad perforated ulcer and my BP was extremely low.  They told him that if it wasn't for getting me there so quickly I would have died.  A few months later they told me the whole story.  

 I almost died when I was a toddler. My grandfather said I had already turned blue by the time he got there to take me to the hospital. So guess between him and the doctors I was saved. I was in the hospital for a while in what they was calling an oxygen tent. I was to young to remember.




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