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This past week has been fairly warm.  Been using the pool  Not today.  I want to get into it in Oct but I think that's a stretch.  How's the weather by you?

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To be 71 here today- but the 10 day out looks like we could get some 50's and 60's days.

Cooler here and loving it!

Cooler, but hazy/smoky, drifting over from WA and OR. Was supposed to be in the 80's yesterday, but only made it to 70, so don't know what to expect today, though the forecast is for 80. Definitely trending towards fall..even Maxie cat is sensing the difference, spending more time in the mudroom...waiting for the mice to arrive, I guess. Anyway, I'm all for cool.

Cooler here, too....upper 70s, lower 80s. Very pleasant. They are putting a roof on our house today. Good day for it. Dave is going sailing on the Chesapeake this coming weekend, so I hope Sally stays away til then. She sure is moving slowly, isn't she? Funny how things work....it's raining buckets in the Gulf....when it should be raining on the west coast. Have a good day, y'all.

Cooler here but still can't turn off the A/C or open windows, still too much smoke in the air. (Starting to forget what a blue sky looks like instead of ashy grey or white, sigh.)

Another cool morning.  Pool water is 76 degrees.  Will re convene about going in after lunch.  What do you think about that temp water it's way colder than when it was 85 in July

More of the same...hazy/smoky, temps in the 70's, but only 45 this morning at 6AM. Fall for sure.




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