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Is it just me or does time seem to just fly by these days?  Do you find that days go by and you hardly know where they went.?  

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Helen,I agree with you.  I think that the reason for this is our age. When I was younger I had a whole lot more energy and a strong desire to do many,many things. There was never enough time in the day. Now that desire is no longer there, I get tired more easily  and I take naps,something I never did when I was younger. 

It isn't just you. It takes me so long to decide to do something, that the time slipped by and it doesn't get done...a fact of life.

I've been noticing how fast time is going. A few weeks ago, the time went by so fast one day, I was in disbelief. I've always heard the older you get the faster time goes by.

I think it goes by so fast because we have more time behind ud than in front of us.

I wonder tho what happens between when I get up and when I go to bed. I have plans when I get up- before I know it time has gone by and its bedtime and nothing has been done,

Oh, Oh, Oh, I continually wonder that! Now since the time change, I'm finding it's noon before I get much of anything done, I'm thinking, well, what have I been doing all morning! Not much~~




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