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What is something popular now that annoys you?

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To me the one thing that annoys me is the common use of four letter words that are so popular these days.  It's not that I never say them, but that they are used in public and all over the internet.  If your circle of friends is comfortable with those words then keep it there,

My roommate mumbling to herself all the time. Some of the time it's words, but mostly just sounds.

People loudly (popping it, etc.) chewing gum has always bothered me.

I find it disgusting when someone spits on the street.

People ending sentences by raising their tone of voice....like they are asking a question. So many people do it(?) It's really annoying(?) I wish they wouldn't do it(?)

I believe that I may have posted this before. When I was working there was a fellow that always seemed to like to walk outside with me when we headed out for our routes. "Gonz" was a nice guy with a lousy habit. Every time we passed a woman walking by he would yell out "hey baby". Of course he never got a response and I hated that we were walking together. 

People who are talking VERY loudly on their phones in public.

when people are standing in line to be checked out or are in front of the cashier talking on their phones





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