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If you travel or when you did, what is your preference?  Alone with a family or friend or alone?  Do you like group packages?

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Never done a group tour...except day trips with my senior group. I don't like to go alone, though. I like traveling with my daughters. They are fun and enjoy all the same things I do.

I prefer traveling alone unless my son can travel with me. He and I have a blast when we're together for more than 5 minutes.  LOL

I would prefer to travel with family or a friend.  I no longer travel.


or with someone that is a night owl

and does not 


When I travel I want to be with someone... family, wife or  friend. I don't like traveling alone.

I've certainly traveled alone, but usually to get from point A to point B, and it's fine. I've done group trips to specific destinations for 2-3 days, and traveled with a friend or two or more on road trips. Also I've gone on a cruise with a friend. I don't have a preference, really. I do not like to be joined at the hip, though and I make that plain to any traveling companion, esp. at music festivals or other festivals. I'm a "bunch quitter", I guess. 

I used to travel alone, and like MT from point A to point B, then I'd meet up with a friend.

Now I travel with my SO and we always have a lot of fun. I haven't traveled with my daughter for a while, but she's a good traveling companion too.




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