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An ex-brother-in-law called it this, as when he was telling me once, "Well, I done the 'Old Proverbial' the other day: I bit into an apple, it felt funny both when I was chewing and swallowing the first bite. I looked down at the apple and there was the remaining half of the worm which I'd already swallowed half of." (Ewww, btw.)

I've done the "Old Proverbial" at least 3 times. That old saying about "she's such a terrible cook, she can't boil water without burning it"? Yep, I've done that; started water to boil, walked off & forgot about it and nearly burned up the pot. (My favorite pot too because of course it was.)

I've also stepped on the rake part of a garden rake so that the handle hit me right on the forehead.

And I don't think this is a proverb or even old saying, not officially anyway, but it sounds like one: who'd be stupid enough to, when having trouble opening a champagne bottle, point the bottle opening at your face to try to figure out why the cork is refusing to come out? Why, me, of course! And you guessed it, that's when the cork decides it's ready to come out and hit me right between the eyes.

So do you have any to tell? 'Fess up now, kids. 

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Probably a lot but at this time I can't think of any

Mabe nobody has made an "old proverbial" story out of the following mistake, but I'll bet we have all done it. Have you ever decided something was too valuable to have just "laying around" and put it away where it would be safe, and then forgot where and never found it again? Yep, I just did that with my covid vaccination record. 

I lost the newspaper this morning. Remembered bringing it as far as the garage. Was going all over the house looking for it. Welp, I remembered wrong: I never got as far as the garage with it; I dropped it into the yard waste garbage can while throwing some weeds in there; my memory some days, sigh.

I don't know how "proverbial" it is but I had a stupid kitchen mishap the other day. I had made some impossible pie mixture and had enough left over to make another small dish of it. I used my largest Magic Bullet container. I left the spoon it the container thinking I'd just mix it using the spoon before pouring it into the next batch.

Well a couple of days went by and the batter looked like it really needed to be blended again with The Bullet, so I decided to do that. But I forgot the spoon was in the container and when I turned the machine on, it jumped up, popped off the top and mixture flew onto my microwave, my arm, the counter and stove. Thank God there wasn't much left in there to start with and the clean up wasn't as bad as expected. I had to laugh at myself. :D

Oh, wow, that sounds like some things I've done! :-D

I once forgot a spoon that found its way into a microwave.




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