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Hows the weather, Is it spring-like in your area?

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We have many things in bloom now and the temps have been in the 70's, The Tulip poplars are so pretty right now as are the Bradford pear trees, Forsynthias, and daffodils. Today the weather forecast is storms and potential tornados. Not crazy about that, those tornados scare me!

'Rain, I have the same fear about tornadoes too. We have a small tree in the back of the house that used to stand upright. After Irma it no longer stands upright. It's at an angle and I named the tree Irma. I remember it's sound as it passed over us. It sounded like a freight train. Very scary!

It is indeed...today and tomorrow, at least...might get to 60 tomorrow, though it goes below freezing every night. Snow is about gone except for the north facing hill behind the house. I'm going to start some tomato seeds (Siberia, a cool/short season variety) today and some basil, so they will be ready to plant around May 15..no earlier. Also going to rake up some of the leaves left from fall, since winter got the jump on us here. Enjoying the sunshine.

Good luck with those storms everyone. A nice long bit of spring is on the was after tomorrow. The dogs love the smell of the mud this time of year. and the dig up the dandelion roots and eat them. 




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