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How do you expect to spend your time this fall and in the cold winter months?

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I hope to just get outside more this fall but the cold winter months will probably be spent like my summer months, inside. I have been reading more and during the winter months, I usually start crocheting neck scarves. I also watch more TV during the fall and winter.  I watch very little TV during the spring and summer. 

Hauling hay.

Same us summer except for the outdoor time, there will be far less of that. The dogs don't even go out in the really harsh winter, their little feet would freeze.

Spend more time outside. I love Fall weather.

Me too Jozee!

Spending time outdoors (as I do during the summer). But it gets really cold here, to definitely have to bundle up. My reading will continue as well as my at-home yoga. Not looking forward to the colder months.

Nothing out of the ordinary...leaves to rake as the back permits, make some apple butter and raspberry jam from the fixings currently in the freezer. When the snow flies...shovel if needed. Expect to continue hanging out close to home, as I'm doing now.

Should the quarantine break, and we overcome our reservations about air travel (not likely),  we will spend some number of weeks at daughter's house in southern Cal.

I hope to get the time timeshare for a couple of weeks, at least. I haven't been yet this year. Maybe also sneak in a few train rides to the waterfront park. I'll continue working on my next two albums and hopefully produce some House music tracks with my son. I'd like to be able to get new floors and a kitchen remodel but I'm not sure with COVID that time frame is realistic. I should at least paint the rooms. I expect to do more coloring in my adult coloring books and spend time catching up on T.V. shows. 




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