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Have you done anything exciting lately?

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We were able to go to our local food pantry to make both a monatary and food donation, maybe not exciting but it was fun.Also saw work finally starting on a local landmark  that has been abandoned for years, that was so encouraging to see.

I haven't, Wish I could go fishing but it's too cold right now.

This may be more of a case of anxiety building than thrill seeking, but we recently entered into a financial arrangement on behalf of our oldest grandson. It is exciting to be a part of an ambitious young person's efforts to build a strong foundation for his life, but nerve-wracking also when it jeopardizes our retirement nest-egg.

The last time I went to my doctor he asked me if I had done anything exciting lately.  I told him that just getting up in the morning is the biggest excitement I get lately. My last stimulus check got me a new commode and sink faucets for the master bathroom and a new commode for the guest bathroom. Wow!  Talk about excitement...

I made my once a year visit to my PA on Tuesday...all labs normal, though cholesterol was up a bit (she said everybody's cholesterol seems to be up). Pronounced fit, meds reordered, so guess my "warranty" is extended for another year. Power was out from about noon on Wed. to a little after midnight due to the high winds we were having in the area...less exciting than aggravating, but happens very rarely here, so not that big a deal since I have gas heat and a gas range so could fix something to eat, but no water since I have a well. Enough excitement for one week.


A pipe in the house leaked, got carpet and a couple of walls wet; took 3 diff. visits for the plumber to finally figure out where exactly the leak was; was afraid they'd have to open up walls, tear up carpet & flooring, jackhammer up the slab this house is on, but we dodged a bullet (this time anyway): they got it fixed with only 2 small holes in an outside wall & closet wall & were able to dry out the carpet. I've had it up to here with this kind of excitement; seems like this last thing went on for a month.

Not much excitement here except for the christmas blackout.  That's hard to beat.  No lights, no tree, no real dinner until the 27th and I didn't get all ticked off.  Officer Ripley I have seen the damage water from pipes causes in vacant houses, has to be worse when you're living with the flooding.  Hope it's all fixed.

Thanks, Helen, I *think* they finally got it fixed, thank goodness,I'm getting too old for that kinda stuff, sigh.

Not exciting Officer! I've dealt with flooding in this apartment and it's no fun. I'm sorry that happened to you. :(

Thanks, Diva; I'm glad it seems to finally be over.

No, the only thing I do is go to work and to the store when I need to.  No excitement for me. All 4 of my great grandson's will be having birthdays soon so I'll be making birthday cakes. Keegan and Kody wants a spiderman cake and Francis and Marcus wants a Blippi cake. Lucky for me the mom's are having the brothers party for both kids  at the same so I only have to make 2 cakes instead of 4. Blippi is some character they watch on TV.




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