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In today's world with the pandemic, riots, protests, etc. have you restricted how often you go out or do you still go 'about business as usual'? 

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Any how,, we've to accept this situations and changed it to positive,,, good to be busy and spend time to see your old days photos,,, may be some readings call friends and relatives,,, may watch movies,, old or new,,, I prefer sweet musical or sexy summer time movies,,, travel documantries,,, thanks to YouTube,,, thanks Skype,,, thanks WhatsApp, all are free and easy to reach.

Staying home. Mostly not a problem, but they  can drop Home for the Holidays from the Christmas Music Playlist.

I guess I've restricted myself a bit. I've only been to a restaurant once since COVID really hit and that was because I wanted to try this place...CAVA. My son and granddaughter like eating there so I took him there to celebrate his successful surgery after which he took me to Costco (same mall area) where I hadn't gone in months. I managed to go to the waterfront park about a month ago, and about three weeks  before that. Otherwise it's to the post office (meds, Amazon orders) and local supermarket when they have sales on items I want. It may be a week to 10 days before I do either. I also haven't gone to my sister's for dinner and she's not happy with me.




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