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Who is your oldest friend? Where did you meet them?  By this question I'm thinking longest known friend, but it could be age wise too.

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Someone I met in the summer of 1949.  He will be 86 in October. Unfortunately, he is one of the people missing in Oregon due to having to evacuate the fires. I tried to talk him into getting a cell phone but he said he had never needed one so didn't plan on getting one.  Wish he had.

Hope he's okay, Syble; so hard.

Thank you.

Oh my Syble, I am so sorry about that. I hope he contacts you soon.

just received word from his daughter that he lost his home and everything in the fire but he is okay.  Thank God that he made it out safely. 

Very sad but thank goodness he is well.

So sorry about his home, Syble, but glad he is okay.

Thank you all for your kind words.

Sad that he lost his home and things, but glad you learned he made it out safely.

So sorry about your friend Syble. I hope he contacts you soon, somehow.

The lady you know as Dolly.(Darlene). We met in senior year of high school.

I have a close friend from grade school, over 60 years now. He lives about five hours drive from here but will make the trip to visit once or twice each year. We sometimes go to a high school football game, but mostly just to a pub and catch up over some beer. Normally he stays one night and returns the next morning.




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