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 What’s the most amazing place in nature you’ve been to?  For me it's been two places.  Smokey Mountain national park with many trails and cutoffs.  One was up at 4000 feet and it was hard to breath but so pretty up above the clouds.  The other is Presicpiss point where you can see Kentucky, TN, and VA all from one spot.  Both just stunning.  And it's all free.

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I have been through the Smokies, Helen, an you are right; they are gorgeous. It's hard for me to pick one...but I think I would pick the top of Pike's Peak.

Karin, I've never been to Pikes peak but I suspect I'd be very impressed too.  I love nature.

Sequoia National Forest.  The giant redwoods are awesome.   The Blue Ridge Parkway in NC and VA is beautiful.  The Columbia River Gorge. Hwy 101 along the Oregon Coastline.

Never been to Sequoia National Park and doubt I will, but the Blue Ridge Parkway is on our to do list.  

Hanging Lake in Colo. The Arches in Utah.

Logan Pass at the top of the Continental Divide in Glacier N.P. Yosemite Valley. Oregon Coast. Sorry, couldn't pick just one.

I was in Colorado, in Denver area, about an hour from the airport.  Gorgeous view but I was at a meeting for one on my biggest clients and I went to my room thinking something was wrong and my husband new it was altitude sickness.  He said Lay in the bed and just take it easy.  I had a rental car and me and another realtor were going to go higher but I called it off. We were at about 5000 feet and where we wanted to go was 7000 and I figured I'd be playing with fire. I was staggering worse than the ones I knew were drunk and I hadn't had any alcohol.  I love adventures to beautiful places I've never seen.

You have to breathe deeper when you are at a high altitude because the air is thinner. I forgot to tell my husband that when we took a trip to the northwest.  Having lived there before, I knew but forgot to tell him until he started getting dizzy.  Once he started breathing deeper, the sickness went away.




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