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How many others hated math like I did?  I was so bad at Algebra the nuns wouldn't allow me to take the state test.  

Math was my best subject- still love working with numbers. (check bool- budgets)

Never had to take Algebra.

Hated Math.

I'm fine with the basics, including fractions and percentages, but draw the line at algebra and a lot of geometry. Can't adjust recipes with out knowing fractions

I was ok with the fractions and percentages and even toda I remember the multiplications that were drummed into us.  Algebra I just couldn't get.  Since I was in a commercial high school for becoming a secretary to work in nYC they didn't even let me take geometr, I passed bookkeeping

I wasn't a big fan of Math in high school, but didn't hate it and I passed the classes. I never got to Trig, just geometry after algebra. When I started college (as an adult) I had a wonderful algebra teacher who mad it so easy. I wish I'd had him in high school.

After I changed colleges, I wound up taking a course called Contemporary Math. Helen I can't even describe it to you. I wish I'd saved the book.  I think I passed with a B but geesh!

Two of my sons have kids in high school and when the kids were in middle school, no one could figure it out.  One of the mothers has a college degree.  My second son's daughter is in second grade and he can't figure it out.    He took out a deck of cards and showed her what he figured out.  She's a card shark.  Taught by her daddy who is very good at cards.  One of the sons with the high school kid was a horrible student due to adhd.  He's still a mess.  They need to learn to control it in the younger kids before they start making poor decisions.  




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