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I bought a Dell laptop about 5 months  ago and it's been doing some minor updates overnight.  This morning Dell Support Assistant comes up and their are all kinds of updates needed.  So I click on update now.  Do you do the updates as they come up or do you wait until you won't be using it?

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I don't have a laptop  but whenever my computer tells me that there are updates I do them right away.

me too.  Update and get it done.

I have a Dell laptop too and it depends, sometimes I do the updates right then and sometimes I wait. My laptop says I need to update the Intel Driver & Support Assistant but when I click on it, it says it's an upGRADE and I always heard don't choose an upgrade, they'll ask you for $$; just update only. (Thank goodness I finally got ahold of my techy guy & he'll come by soon; I was afraid he'd gone out of business but just has been busy home-schooling his kids due to COVID.)

do the updates as they come up 

I do the updates when they come up.

There was over an hour of updates and it looked like a lot of it was Intel things.  Today windows did an update.

I have a tablet, not a laptop and for some reason I'm more inclined to do those updates more quickly than with my desktop. Tablet: overnight when I'm first notified an update is available; desktop...I may wait a couple of days.




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