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How are you keeping  busy lately?

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Not yet...but it's warming (upper 40's) and the snow is going fast, revealing the work that will need to be done outside soon. Oh, joy. Plan to start some seeds inside in the next week, in what will again be the triumph of hope over experience in the garden.

Same old, same old: housework, laundry, bill-paying, appointment scheduling...:p.

Yes, repairing my own equipment since shops now charge a 140 dollars an hour.

I have more stuff I want to do than I have hours for.  I am doing some sewing....making a custom cover for my new chair.....working on a cross stitch picture I am making for my granddaughter, reading a lot of the books I have that I haven't gotten around to yet...listening to great music....and I am teaching myself to paint.  I did a lighthouse in Maine that's now framed and hanging in my room....and now I am working on a painting of the Aerial Bridge in Duluth, MN, (my home town) in winter. It's so much fun.  I'll be gardening soon, and making plans to go up north to visit the kids.  I have three tickets for my daughter, granddaughter and I to see my favorite group, Home Free, in concert. 

Headin to Tomball German Heritage Festival for 3 days this weekend.

The snow is gone and it's fairly warm (upper 50's), so working on cleaning up the leaves that didn't get raked in the fall before it snowed and doing some pruning Have to take it slow so my back holds up. I can't work out like I used to, but I do squats and work with hand weights to keep my upper body strong, so hoping for the best. I started my seeds, and everything has germinated, so will see how it goes.

Besides housework, bill paying, being on the computer with my social sites and e mail, I go to the senior center having lunch (breakfast for me) doing their crafts there, going to the post on Friday nites and going to doctor appointments.  Some weeks it seems we have something going on every day of the week. 

Sounds great Wendy, wish we had a senior center here; there's a limited one that can help with a few senior problems but no recreational activities or meals for seniors. There were a few things before Covid but pretty much nothing now.

We are going strong - the nicest thing is that meals are now being served inside - no more driving thru to pick them up.  You have to sign up for either 3 days - M, T, W and or T & F.  Everyone is hoping that it goes back to a day at a time.  It was shut down altogether in the beginning of Covid but there still was drive up meals.  Yes we are lucky to have a senior center here  as I have met some very nice people there.




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