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What are some of your favorite Websites to play games?

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I am hooked, addicted to Slotomania that's on Facebook.  It's a good thing it's not real money.  There are those that buy coins and packages with sloto cards in them.  One of my sons girlfriend went through $1,000 on that game one month.  I love it but I love having real money too.  

I play a lot on solitaireparadise.com and solitaire.com; both have other games besides solitaire but I've only tried the solitaire ones. I've also purchased a couple of games from bigfishgames. Now I'm wondering will any of 'em still play when Flash player goes away this December? (None of the 3 sites say anything about it 1 way or another.)

Officerripley, this is a link to all I've found on that subject.


Thanks, Syble; that was helpful. :-)




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