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Is it important to you to have goals? I feel useless if I don't.

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I do and I write a list every day of what

I expect me to accomplish that day.

I have been doing this for 66 years.

If something is not finished I decide

if I keep on my new list for the next day






I like to have some goals, even simple ones, like..."today I'm going to spray weeds". I like to think I've accomplished something at the end of the day.

I do feel better when  I set and achieve goals and I can usually pull myself out of a down mood by intentionally doing so. But there is a part of me that sometimes feels that this is backwards in a way. Ideally, I envision myself feeling satisfied first and then accomplishing things out of a sense of completeness. Maybe too idealistic.

I have goals that I accomplish very well.

My goal is to try to get Alzheimers before my huzz does.

I might consider that strategy


Right now my goals are to lose a little more weight. I lost almost 26 pounds over the last few months without really trying. My eating habits just changed so that I don't feel the need to eat as much.

I also somewhat set a goal to finish my album at least within the next 12 months. That partly depends on how much my son can get done since he's  co-producing and engineering it.

I always set financial goals for myself. I'm happy to say I've already exceeded my end of 2022 goal.

Another goal is to do a lot less procrastinating so I can keep up with things better.




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